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Ingame name: PuddleChugg
Status: Active
First joined: October 29th, 2019

Bases: Weevlesville, Sky Corps., Oldja, Orian, Austionia, Tuggle Town, and Goldforfe Citadel

ElectricChugg is a player who joined SimPvP on October 29th, 2020. He befriended Swiggle_and_Fig, with whom he later moved to Weevlesville with Swiggle. He lived there and thrived for a few months. Then Weevlesville was abandoned, and Chugg moved to Sky Corps., were he currently resides. He then moved to Oldja, which was then abandoned, moved to Orian, it was abandoned, then moved to Austionia the most op base on Sim, which was later griefed by Cutman and Sellout9. Soon, Chugg moved to GFC, Goldforge Citadel, where this is now the most op base on the server, as far as I know. He is now living there peacefully. ElectricChugg also became involved with The Imperial War, joining the side of the People's Coalition.