Goldforge Citadel

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Goldforge Citadel
Name: Goldforge Citadel

Status: Griefed 12/27/2020

Formed: June 7th 2020

Members: Seen Below


Shortly after the Grief of Austionia by Sellout9 and Cutman, willowienal went clinically insane and put pumpkins everywhere, AGTcraft took a hiatus and ADHDTV quit, and ElectricChugg did ElectricChugg things. willowienal was not willing to accept defeat so he set out to form a new base. To find a location for the new base willowienal and ElectricChugg took turns traveling Chugg did the first leg of the trip and willow finished the second. At the new location we started a small settlement and got all of our allies to come to the base, I will include a list below. DerBehrscherrer came up with the name of the base a short while later. There will be no images of the base until it is disbanded/or griefed because of rumored exploits. this base will consist of all types of buildings, modern medieval steampunk you name it, but in different sections. the plan is to make the base last as long as possible using multiple projects so we don't get bored and leave it. Like the previous bases Olja, and Weevlesville and Tuggle Town. ADHDTV Rejoined on 8/3/2020/ Notable Facts; GFC is a giant fucking meme.

Cleetus Quote "You may call GFC Special or Unique... But we say it's innovative."



  • Gold Farm
  • Witch Farm
  • Mob/Paper Farm
  • Villager Hall
  • Dye Farm
  • Raid Farm
  • Iron Farm
  • Concrete Farm
  • Large Auto Brewers
  • Glass Farm
  • Guardian Farm
  • Obsidian Farm
  • Blaze Farm
  • Enderman Farm
  • Ghast Farm
  • Wither Rose Farm
  • Wool Farm
  • Sex Farm
  • Bruno's Methlab

GFC Banner

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