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Name: Francistan

Status: active

Formed: 7th September 2019
Abandoned: November 3rd

Members: _Unix2010, Wolfiee_, Lord1, Tenced, CranberryWarrior, iPyxis, DakkaDok (ambassador/builder), LexiTheLlama, e_lee
Clans: Church of Francis

Francistan is 2nd base built by the Francisism organisation, the Church of Francis and tries to host opportunities for all members to build what they like.



The self destruction of New Hammerhall left the members without any good projects so Lord1 decided to start a new base and officially founded Francistan on the 7th of September 2019 with Wolfiee_ and _Unix2010 on the table of founding fathers which still resides in the same spot it was made.


Francistan's Doom

During The Holy Wilbur-Francis War one of Francistan's members, e_lee got bored of the base and the Church and leaked coords to many of the opposition. After e_lee exclaimed his boredom with the Church and the Base, Lord foresaw what was going to happen and despite e_lee claiming otherwise, knew the base would be leaked. On November 3rd/4th, Francistan was completely stripped of all resources and all portals broken within it.


Lord1, _Unix2010 and Wolfiee_ found Francistan on 7/9/2019.

Tenced, iPyxis and CranberryWarrior join shortly after.

DakkaDok joins on 10th of October 2019.

LexiTheLlama and e_lee join October 27th.