New Hammerhall

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New Hammerhall
Name: New Hammerhall

Status: Mildly griefed and abandoned

Formed: July 2019
Abandoned: 5th September 2019

Members: Lord1, Tenced, Wolfiee_, iPyxis, Fire__Kracken, LexiTheLlama, Nagol101, Unix, MrMeeps, Bacon_15, CranberryWarrior
Clans: Church of Francis

New Hammerhall is a base founded by Tenced and Lord1 on the 14th of July 2019 and houses many farms taking up the legacy of the base it was named after, Hammerhall.

New Hammerhall is a base built and run off law and order as such to maintain peace, the New Hammerhallian Court for Law and Order was erected to judge the crimes of the base inhabitants, this has led to several unfortunate bloody instances and Tenced's temporary exile. As a Theocracy, New Hammerhall also judges crimes against Francis, this resulted in a whooping 33 KOS orders on the player Zepheron for his constant disrespect towards Francis.


The sinners are often punished through mortal combat with mobs held captive at the small arena, some of these mobs wore full diamond armor and the one and only ASMR streamer carried a godsword, these mobs had to be fought with none or low quality armor and weapons. Other forms of punishment are as listed: Firing Squad, Public Beating, Exile, 1v1 PVP Combat and Thrown from the plank in the Cathedral.


New Hammerhall was founded on the 14th of July by Tenced and Lord1 after they came to the conclusion that making a new base would be better than restoring old Hammerhall. After the Church of Francis religion was founded at the Francis Cathedral, Lord1 and Tenced invited Wolfiee_ and his base mates to join New Hammerhall after they became allies through fighting the Ender dragon together.

Lord1 stripped Tenced's priest title after Lord1 accused Tenced of espionage, this was the longest court trial recorded at New Hammerhall and caused Tenced to be exiled temporarily.

On the 31st of august 2019, MrMeeps poured lava on a battle monument because in his opinion it wasn't worthy of Francis and then proceeded to attack Lord1, this warranted Lord1 to kill MrMeeps. A long battle between the two occurred after with Lord1 almost killing MrMeeps due to him being more prepared with pots and more gapples. MrMeeps was KOS until he repented the day after.

On September the 2nd, the city defended against 3 unintended consecutive raids, losing all the city guard in the battles and blowing a hole in the court. This day was dubbed "NHH D-Day".

The Church Of Francis and the Francis Cathedral

The Francis Cathedral was constructed in the first few weeks of the bases existence to commemorate the one true god, Francis the Wise. This cathedral is the home and heart of modern Francisism and is the only place as of September that a follower of Francis can be blessed.




Long Story Short, Lord1's floating arrow on water elevator alarm went off and holes were dug into builds whilst all New Hammerhall members weren't at the base. Causing some of its members including _Unix2010, CranberryWarrior and Lord1 to grief it themselves before anyone else could.