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Get Clip A Girlfriend is a movement started in August 2017 dedicated to getting player clipchip an attractive girlfriend. All players are asked to spread awareness of the situation by promoting the #GetClipAGirlfriend hashtag and to try and get clipchip a girlfriend by any means necessary.

Note: This is a charitable, non-profit organizational movement, with its only intention being that of finding a girlfriend for clipchip.

The Movement's Goals

The goals of Get Clip A Girlfriend are simple, as follows:

  • To get clipchip an attractive girlfriend on SimPvP
  • To promote awareness of clipchip's situation and the movement through the #GetClipAGirlfriend hashtag
  • To succeed with the happiness and comfort of clipchip and his newfound girlfriend


Though the movement officially began in August of 2017, the ideals behind Get Clip A Girlfriend have been around for years. Ever since he had first joined the server, clipchip has expressed an extreme desire for an attractive girlfriend. In fact, he has made it vocally clear that he NEEDS a girlfriend, making it the issue of everyone on the server. Thus, efforts have been made to ensure that clipchip is able to get the girlfriend he wishes, and the Get Clip A Girlfriend movement was subsequently founded by ostrich1414 on August 16th, 2017.

The hashtag subsequently appeared on the server's tagline after the creation of the movement, as shown below:


On January 17th, 2018, clipchip announced the release of his new fashion line, allowing consumers to purchase #GetClipAGirlfriend products and to promote the cause outside of the online sphere (The Official Announcement and Link: [1]). Now, faithful advocates of the movement are able to spread the word in the public eye and, hopefully, get clipchip an attractive girlfriend by wearing such high-end fashion. So far, the only players who are known to have purchased the #GetClipAGirlfriend Merch are Everbad and TheOnlySlash.

In July 2018, ostrich1414, along with funding from clipchip, constructed the official Get Clip A Girlfriend National Headquarters in Java Linsghey. All affairs regarding the movement are now centered within this building, and any potential attractive girls who are interested in fulfilling the role of clipchip's girlfriend should request an appointment to meet him at the headquarters.

Final Words

To anyone reading this: #GetClipAGirlfriend. Spread the word.