Java Linsghey

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Java Linsghey
Name: Java Linsghey

Status: Active

Formed: January 2018

Members: JavelinFury, clipchip, MisterStrawman, DakkaDok, ostrich1414, Ultra_Badass, SinthorasAlb1337, 3v3rb4d

Java Linsghey is a base founded by JavelinFury and MisterStrawman in January 2018. Located at a crossroads of various different biomes, Java Linsghey features many massive, impressive builds as it encompasses hundreds of blocks of land. As the base features no central theme or style, everyone involved is allowed to build at their own leisure, and thus there are a variety of architectural designs in use, similarly to Monarchia or Aggersel.


Sometime in January 2018, MisterStrawman discovered the location which would soon become Java Linsghey, and JavelinFury invited many of his fellow allies in order to form a new large, cooperative base there. First inviting clipchip, DakkaDok and Ultra_Badass, many other allied players arrived after, including 3v3rb4d, DakkaDok's friends and ostrich1414. Originally, the base was named Tol Honeth, but after further deliberation, it was renamed to Java Linsghey, a much more fitting title. Instead the title was given to their next base, a mountain fortress. Over the following months of the first half of 2018, construction flourished, and the base grew immensely, adorned with massive and intricate architecture.

A futuristic city built by DakkaDok:


The main plaza area of the base:


A large cylindrical tower, built by SinthorasAlb1337:


MisterStrawman's build (left), reminiscent of his End City, and clipchip's floating island (right):


The Get Clip A Girlfriend National Headquarters, built by ostrich1414:


A replica of a McDonald's restaurant, built by MisterStrawman: