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Inferno 1.png
Name: Inferno

Status: Active

Formed: July 13th, 2020

Members: ostrich1414

Inferno is a landmark founded by ostrich1414 on July 13th, 2020. Located a few thousand blocks from Spawn, Inferno was commissioned by ostrich1414 as an "Affiliated Spawn Landmark" for The Republic to tie into their ongoing public works projects. Inspired by previous spawn landmarks like Azpipia, The Graveyard, and his own Craftablia, ostrich1414 created Inferno to both promote the Republic's spawn region projects and to establish yet another unique, bizarre monument for spawn travelers to stumble upon and discover.


On July 13th, 2020, ostrich1414 set out from spawn to find a suitable location a couple thousand blocks from Spawn to establish his newest landmark. As a member of The Republic, ostrich1414 wanted to create a spawn landmark that would be affiliated with his team and tie into their recent mission to produce and fund spawn projects and other public works. Furthermore, ostrich1414 wanted this new landmark to be one that would be discovered by players at random--much like his previous endeavor, Craftablia, which served as a major influence.

After finding a small desert biome bordered by a snowy taiga and hills biome, ostrich1414 set to work. One-by-one, he began placing netherrack in three-block-high pillars, with spaces in between each pillar. Atop each netherrack pillar, he lit them on fire with flint and steel. Each row of pillars shifted by one block to create a mesmerizing pattern, and the pillars also moved along with the terrain as it rose and fell. Similarly to Azpipia and The Graveyard, this new landmark was very repetitive and organized in nature.

Inferno 3.png

Over the course of four days, between July 13th and July 17th, ostrich1414 placed these netherrack pillars and lit them until he finally covered the entire desert biome with them. On this last day, he finalized the landmark by naming it "Inferno", placing a large sign high above the sea of flames, and a replica of the Republic's banner on a hilltop close by. Finally, Inferno was complete, officially becoming an "Affiliated Spawn Landmark" of the Republic. Ostrich1414 also invited several high-profile Republic members to view his work.

Inferno 1.png Inferno 2.png