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The Republic
The Republic Banner.png
Name: The Republic

Status: Active

Formed: June 2020

Members: Listed in the "Members and Roles" Section

The Republic is an organization that launched to the public on June 20th, 2020, a date chosen as it was the Second SimPvP Summit of the year and a key moment when a large portion of the active player base would be gathered in one location. The Republic aims to provide its members with key roles, offer the majority of the server affordable gear, and oppose groups that they believe have descended into mere dictatorships under Lord1, such as the Church of Francis and the Bloc for Clans. The group is modeled off of Ancient Roman society, especially its architectural style and political positions.


The Goals of the Republic are as follows:

  • To oppose the tyrannical authoritarian regime imposed by Lord1 on the many factions, bases and members under his control
  • To establish a close, respected unit of members through a rigid hierarchical system
  • To promote free trade and the competitive market through the vending of affordable goods
  • To closely follow the political systems of Ancient Rome and imitate its successes


The Republic offers a strict hierarchy that composes its ranking system, which is listed and described below:

  • Consul - Two leaders (chairmen of senate): one military, one juridical.
  • Praetor - Up to twelve players charged chiefly with the administration of civil justice and ranking next below the consuls.
  • Quaestor (Any number of) - Managing the wealth, trading and advertising.
  • Aedile (Up to 4) - In charge of construction and public games. This entails spawn projects and base building.
  • Senator - In the governing and advisory assembly.
  • Balatro - The jester.
  • Citizen - A privileged status to those who have proved themselves worthy and loyal.
  • Legionary - A rank given to those who are new to the server or Republic; however its importance is undeniable, focusing on PvP and outpost / infrastructure creation.
  • Slave - The lowest of the low.

NOTE: Promotions are not guaranteed, as a member may end up excelling in one rank to the extent where promotion would be more detrimental than beneficial to the Republic

Members and Roles

Listed below are the members, and their roles, of the Republic. It should be noted that this list will change and be updated periodically as promotions occur / new members join.

Allied Players:

Former Members of the Republic:


Founding and Promotion

By early summer 2020, SimPvP's landscape was a much different place. Many of the Republic's founders were growing weary with the immense authority held by Lord1; he had converted the Church of Francis from a religious institute to an imperialist empire, and he had taken over control of the Bloc for Clans, re-establishing it as the Galactic Federation and naming himself as the Supreme General. This also followed a series of annexations over numerous bases, and a few miscellaneous base griefs, all under his general direction. Viewing him as a threat to the server's well-being, several SimPvP players, including members of The Dominion (TheOnlySlash, Korijenkins, and Zepheron), as well as others, decided to band together and form an organization to directly oppose his growing regime.

This organization would soon become known as the Republic, directly based and modeled off of the politics and society of Ancient Rome. Many of the Republic's ranks within its hierarchy are also modeled off of Roman positions. As the Republic began to take form and establish itself through early-to-mid June 2020, their chance to publicly announce their existence came with the Second SimPvP Summit on June 20th. This summit, much like the first, would draw dozens of important and influential players from a wide variety of bases and teams to one central location -- the perfect place for the Republic to announce their plan. However, as the Summit ended in disaster after a massacre took place at the hands of Sellout9 and Cutman (Church of Francis members and/or loyalists), Zepheron used the opportunity to denounce the Church, and Lord1, and began rallying potential members for the Republic. That same night, the official link for the Republic's Discord server as posted publicly, and it immediately drew several potential members.


Shortly after the Summit, on June 21st, Lord1 labelled the Republic as "terrorists" and declared war against them. Aggression had been set in motion, and the Republic viewed Lord1's comments as a clear declaration of war, to which they took seriously in order to impose their goals. Heavy scrutiny was placed on Lord1 and the Church of Francis collectively, with the Republic vocally discounting them and their actions. VetoTheNeato also began releasing trade deals and sales under Exultia Quality Goods, a trading organization established to directly compete against Melon Boiz Inc.™ (the Church of Francis' trade company).

Exultia Quality Goods.jpg

Later that same day, Lord1 would make a move that only further proved his tyrannical behavior to the Republic, completely absorbing the Galactic Federation into the Church of Francis, effectively incorporating its bases and members into this religious empire. This came on the heels of undemocratic votes in the group in which Lord1 deleted the votes of anyone dissenting with him. Having already taken over the Bloc for Clans weeks prior, this second "coup" only increased political and diplomatic instability.

On June 23rd, The Republic scored a decisive victory over the Church of Francis when it destroyed Two Words, the empire's major city. Zepheron, TheOnlySlash, Korijenkins, and clipchip all descended upon Two Words, severely griefing and looting the city to complete destruction. While this was primarily done to cripple Lord1, it also affected several innocent members of the city; despite this, many of Two Words' affected members accepted the grief as Lord1 had certainly provoked The Republic. However, some other members accepted it as they had knowledge of the petty beef between Lord1 and prominent Republic members, believing that the casus belli used to attack Two Words was the continuation of a verbal beef consisting of an "I have bigger stick", "No, mine is bigger" mentality and not an outright provocation.

Two Words Grief.png

Although Lord1 claimed losing Two Words didn't annoy him, his response to its destruction said otherwise. In retaliation, Lord1 griefed Stonetown as he believed Ostrich1414 had supplied coords, and Ostrich had once based there six years prior. Lord1 also lacked access to any bases by notable Republic members. By destroying this historic base, Lord1 proved many of the criticisms he faced by Republic members as accurate. The Stonetown grief was widely condemned due to the town's significance as an important beacon of server history, and as a holy religious site for The Order of Wilbur.

Greetings from Stonetown.png Stonetown Grief 1.png

The next day, on June 24th, Church of Francis Pope CrackyJoe announced to the public that Lord1 would be excommunicated from the Church, primarily due to the religious value of Stonetown as Wilbur is seen as a prophet of Francis by the Church. The Church of Francis also claimed to cease all hostilities against the Republic, and to conduct internal reconstruction. However, during this process, two other priests stepped down from their roles, including Tenced and iPyxis. While Lord1 would rejoin the Church a few days later, his drop from authority and the overall feeling of uncertainty plagued the Church and forced it to reconfigure itself. In total, these actions would largely be perceived as contributions to the Republic quickly achieving many of its goals.

Francis Changes.PNG

Focus on Public Works

After the streak of violence and destruction against Lord1 and the Church of Francis slowed down due to their weakening, unstable state, the Republic decided to focus on broadening its influence and goals, looking for other ways to promote their ideologies. Thus began a period of Republic affiliated and operated public works projects, occurring throughout much of the summer of 2020. An effort to both re-brand and elevate the Republic, these public works projects would allow the group to aid many other players in their endeavors at and around spawn.

The first, and arguably the largest, public works project the Republic participated in was what was known as the "Via Project", or informally, the "Spawn Highway Project". Originally started by 4Pilot in June, the Via Project aimed to repair all four major spawn highways in each direction (north, south, east, and west). Since spawn's current highway system was poorly maintained and very rugged and decrepit, the Republic decided to fund 4Pilot's idea and assist him in repairing each highway system for a few thousand blocks each, making it much easier and more efficient for new players to access the greater spawn region. Each highway consisted primarily of an obsidian runway in the center, with cobblestone blocks on either side; this made the paths very easy to repeat and produce.

Via Project 1.png Via Project 2.png Via Project 4.png

The Via Project was an instant success, with the Republic and the GST Trading Co. joining forces and repairing all four major spawn highways, cleaning any debris and polishing the terrain around it. Of course, being at spawn, the Via Project was met with many issues from the beginning. Throughout the duration of the project, there were instances of griefing: TNT was used to destroy major parts of the highway, and some griefers would even lavacast over them. It was suspected that some of these griefs were orchestrated by the Church of Francis itself in retaliation against the Republic, aiming to stop it short of its goals. Nevertheless, the Republic and the many other participants in the Via Project were successful in repairing the long-depraved spawn highways.

Via Project 3.png

Perhaps the second largest public works effort, ostrich1414 began a solo effort that would serve as a spawn landmark for the Republic. Inspired by previous landmarks like The Graveyard and Azpipia, as well as his own previous project, Craftablia, ostrich1414 started work on a new unique, eye-catching landmark for players to discover: Inferno. Made up entirely of 3-block-high netherrack pillars with fire lit on top of them, all arranged in a specific pattern, Inferno would become an iconic spawn landmark that showcased the Republic's desire to exert influence over the spawn region. Ostrich1414 created a massive replica of the Republic's banner atop the hill overlooking Inferno, a clear sign that this group was attempting to make its name known throughout the region. Between July 13th and July 17th, ostrich1414 completed Inferno and invited the rest of the Republic's high-ranking officials to come check it out and make additions themselves.

Inferno 1.png

By mid-to-late July, the Republic was looking for a new spawn project to participate in, and this would come in the form of repairing Castle Snowfrog. After being repeatedly griefed throughout much of 2019 and 2020, the historic fortress was targeted as a spawn icon and thus the Republic organized an effort to clear any lavacasts at the base and repair farms and structures. Although this effort would not be as large as the Via Project, Castle Snowfrog endured significant repairs at the hands of the Republic and other participants, helping to bring the castle back to its former glory.

Conflicts Arise Again

Of course, the Republic had not forgotten its original roots in dismantling the Church of Francis and Lord1's regime. On July 23rd, Zepheron, Korijenkins, TheOnlySlash and clipchip targeted Olgremont, one of the few remaining Church of Francis bases still standing, and severely griefed it. Olgremont's main fortress had been utterly destroyed with TNT, and would become the Republic's second major grief after Two Words. While Francillian outcry was not as severe as it had been during the Two Words grief, Olgremont's grief nevertheless crippled the CoF further, depriving it of standing bases.

Olgremont Grief 1.png Olgremont Grief 2.png

Unfortunately, the Republic would have some minor internal turmoil. After trading with Porkington in /world, Qyburn_ was attacked and killed by Republic members. This angered members of the base Exultia, especially since Exultia had been trade partners with the Republic, and since three Exultians were Republic members. However, these three Exultians (Zepheron, ostrich1414, and VetoTheNeato) would not back down, refusing to stop funding the Republic with Exultian goods. This prompted Qyburn_ to leave the city, bringing bad blood between him and VetoTheNeato. VetoTheNeato would become more vocal within the Republic before finally departing from his position of power in later July; he was soon followed by willowienal, who left as well. Despite these small hiccups, the Republic would still stand strong, continuing its many efforts on the server.

Public Works Continue

The Republic continued to pursue public works projects around spawn, this time with a focus on the poorly-maintained end portal pyramid. Frequently used by SimPvP players, the large cobblestone pyramid housing the server's only end portal had suffered from severe disrepair and neglect for years; however, once again heading a major spawn project, 4Pilot would take it upon himself to repair the pyramid and its interior. The Republic joined forces with 4Pilot once again, and the end portal pyramid was repaired: the lavacast on top was removed, the jagged crater inside was filled in, and the portal itself was ornately decorated and given a much nicer room to reside in.

End Pyramid 1.png End Pyramid 2.png

With the end portal pyramid significantly fixed, the Republic had completed yet another successful spawn project headed by 4Pilot. In recognition for his many efforts for the team, the Republic voted to promote 4Pilot to the "Aedile" position, allowing him to take complete charge of all public works projects.

End Boys.png