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Name: Ishtar

Status: Griefed and Abandoned

Formed: January 3rd, 2019

Coords: x: -139137, z: -21917
Members: AtacFauxpas, AaronRC93, max678, EinMensch, Alankor_MrFungi, CranberryWarrior

Ishtar is a base founded by AtacFauxpas on January 3rd, 2019. Located just off the coast of an ocean, Ishtar is comprised of a large stonebrick fortification with a massive gate and walls containing various farms and buildings. Located outside of the main fort, Ishtar includes a wooden ship and a tall, prominent tower.



Shortly after joining the server for the first time, AtacFauxpas set out to create a large base which would serve as the capital city for a future clan. Thus, on January 3rd, 2019, AtacFauxpas found the location which would later serve as the setting for Ishtar. After first building a large gate, AtacFauxpas decided to name his new base "Ishtar" after a famous historical gate known as the "Ishtar Gate", which was located in Ancient Babylon.

As the base progressed in size and wealth, AtacFauxpas would begin recruiting more players from Spawn to help join him. Some of the first players he recruited were max678 and AaronRC93. Unlike many bases on SimPvP, AtacFauxpas has allowed absolute creative freedom at Ishtar, letting anyone who resides there build whatever and however they want.


On February 17th, 2019, ShadyB0B arrived at Ishtar with an intent to enact revenge on AtacFauxpas for a minor quarrel between the two. Earlier, AtacFauxpas had placed a bounty on the player talksalot011 for refusing to pay Ishtar's requested taxes; ShadyB0B then killed talksalot011, expecting to receive compensation for successfully killing the target. AtacFauxpas refused to pay ShadyB0B and made matters worse by killing him in the PvP world. Thus, ShadyB0B, navigating a poorly-hidden nether tunnel system, was able to target Ishtar and promptly taunted AtacFauxpas before lighting the city's wooden boat on fire. With the threat of more possible invasions, especially due to ShadyB0B's friendliness with YeeterMyPeeter (a.k.a. #TeamYMP), AtacFauxpas publicly leaked the city's coordinates that same day and abandoned the project altogether.


Ishtar2.png Ishtar3.png Ishtargrief.png