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Ingame name: talksalot011
Alts: Jesus Christ, Our Lord and Savior
Status: Active
First joined: December 31st, 2018

Location: Nowhere

Clans: Cheese
Bases: List of Public Bases



Talksalot011 is a player who joined the server on December 31st, 2018. Talksalot011 is often referred to as the "Second Coming of Christ" for his omnipotent powers and knowledge. Though he is often criticized for staying true to his name by "talking a lot", talksalot011 is, in fact, preaching new scripture for the upcoming Modern Testament; his words of wisdom are often ignored by his opponents, refusing to accept his salvation.

Talksalot011 has been very active around the Spawn area, creating many bases, but more commonly residing at pre-existing ones. Talksalot011 watches over the spawn area, blessing new players with the word of God. EnderGirl162, an old ally of Talks, was often seen as a modern-day Mary Magdalene, until she became a satanist at one point which cause Talks to leave for greener pastures.

Talksalot011 first rose to prominence after assisting ostrich1414 in colonizing and annexing Fort Cranberry alongside AaronRC93 in January 2019; since then, talksalot011 has been involved in various off-shoot bases, including Dragonfly, the nearby Mountains of Madness, Funtopia and Quagsmaria. Talksalot011 also founded the Red Wool Society while at Fort Cranberry; it has since become a new sect of Christianity.


Today, talksalot011 is known to enhance the server's chat with his thought-provoking philosophical questions, intellectual comments, and the brief, yet potent, words of scripture which he plans to act upon on Judgement Day.

On an unrelated note, talksalot011 has declared war on virtually every major base/team on SimPvP: he wins each time.

On his YouTube account, talksalot011 has released the most compelling two-part drama series about SimPvP thus far: Building Pillars of Sand with Torches parts I and II. See what legendary film critic Roger Ebert had to say about it below:


On March 27, 2019, Das_Dankgineer and Hamieb tracked down talksalot011's outpost and stole the two sand pillars. They currently stand in their base, Triterrus. God (aka talksalot011) responded to the attacks, stating that, while he approved of Triterrus keeping the pillars, he was furious with one of their members, anthonys244, calling him a "disgusting fly feeding off of Triterrus' corpse".

Talksalot011 is working on the Morals and Teachings of all Kinds.

A Word from Talks Himself

Hi, this is Talks, here's some fun facts, I was involved in The 2019 Slumber Event and my favorite Fallout NV character is Joshua Graham.