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Map art is the process of placing blocks of certain colors and shades in a large area (most commonly 128x128) and then using a map to render that area from above, creating artwork. Most map arts reference elements of pop culture (television, music, movies, etc.), politics, memes, or famous logos and symbols. There are also map arts of SimPvP-related content, and map arts containing original creations or designs.

Map art truly began to gain popularity in 2018 after clipchip created the piece "Asuka", the first widely-popular map art. However, map art had existed before then, although there were only two documented pieces: the original iteration of "MisterStrawman's Eye" by MisterStrawman and a Nazi Germany swastika created by Infam0us2. Unfortunately, very little is known about these map arts, and it is unknown what year they were created. Nevertheless, since 2018, map art has been a common fixture on SimPvP, with many players creating their own original work.

SimPvP player Azdin also created a specially-made tool specifically designed to assist players in the map art-making process. The program can be found here: [1]

Map Art Title Year Creator Other Information


VICTORY!.png VICTORY! 2020 Burger_Malone Anti-Racism Coalition-sponsored piece about Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden
Dog delivering pizza.png dog delivering pizza 2020 Burger_Malone A dog delivering pizza
Dog - special edition.png dog - special edition 2020 Burger_Malone A special edition "Burger minted" version of the previous "dog" map art (only 3 are in existence)
Dog.png dog 2020 Burger_Malone A shitpost meme of a dog
Shakatak Dirt.png Shakatak Dirt 2020 Burger_Malone & James8B The diamond ore texture art
兎田ぺこら.png 兎田ぺこら 2020 clipchip A 3x3 image of virtual Japanese YouTuber Usada Pekora
Diversity is our Strength.png Diversity is our Strength 2020 Burger_Malone Promotional poster for the Anti-Racism Coalition
Snow after Fire.png Snow after Fire 2020 Rheapr A quote from The Hobbit by J. R. R. Tolkien
EMPEROR SENGORN LEOPARD.png EMPEROR SENGORN LEOPARD 2020 jaffdhi Sengorn_Leopard's player head
SE Gang.png SE Gang 2020 tagoo Seven states in the American Southeast
NEGang.png #NEGang 2020 ostrich1414 All six American states within New England
Join the Empire!.png Join the Empire! 2020 Lord1 Church of Francis propaganda featuring Lord1, CrackyJoe, Tenced and iPyxis
I Am Watching You.png I am watching you. 2020 jaffdhi A self-portrait of jaffdhi's player head
The Dark Side of the Moon.png The Dark Side of the Moon 2020 Zepheron The album The Dark Side of the Moon by Pink Floyd
Elon Musk.png Elon Musk 2020 dariepearjuicy A meme of Elon Musk smoking on Joe Rogan's podcast
La Creme de Garayalde (New).png La Creme de Garayalde 2020 Dylan_TheMartian An image of a nude, furry female kangaroo
Best Team in Baseball.png Best Team in Baseball 2020 Korijenkins Logo for the Houston Astros
Quasimoto.png Quasimoto 2020 jaffdhi Rapper Quasimoto (alter ego of Madlib)
BC Speed Limit Sign (Two Words).png BC Speed Limit Sign (Two Words) 2020 Lord1 Speed limit sign for the base Two Words
Praise Francis.png Praise 2020 Lord1 Poster for the Church of Francis
Lady Ostrich's House of Delight.png Lady Ostrich's House of Delight 2020 M_BRIX Logo for a brothel in Segoria called "Lady Ostrich's House of Delight"
BC Speed Limit Sign (Spawn).png BC Speed Limit Sign (Spawn) 2020 Lord1 Speed limit sign for Bloc for Clans territory at spawn
SFR Mafia (Small).png SFR Mafia 2020 SFR The smaller 1x1 version of the SFR logo
SFR Mafia (Large).png SFR Mafia 2020 SFR The larger 6x6 version of the SFR logo
Kill Pig.png Kill Pig 2019 Lord1 Propaganda piece used by the Church of Francis during The Holy Wilbur-Francis War
Bloc for Smaller Clans Territory.png Bloc for Smaller Clans Territory 2019 Lord1 Poster claiming Bloc for Smaller Clans territory
Two Wolves.png Two Wolves 2019 Azdin The "Two Wolves" entry of Azdin's coat of arms series
Phoenix.png Phoenix 2019 Azdin The "Phoenix" entry of Azdin's coat of arms series
Stag (New).png Stag 2019 Azdin The "Stag" entry of Azdin's coat of arms series
Francis the Almighty.png Francis Almighty 2019 Lord1 A Church of Francis image of Francis
Praise Da Lord.png Praise Da Lord 2019 Lord1 An image of Lord1 as a religious figure
Control Screen.png Control Screen 2019 DakkaDok A computer's control screen
Zero Two.png Zero Two 2019 clipchip A 3x2 of Darling in the Franxx character Zero Two
Key to a Memeworld.png Key to a Memeworld 2019 Chris_cord A QR code that links you to random articles on Wikipedia
Seize the Means of Crafting.png Seize the Means of Crafting 2019 nddragoon A hammer and sickle symbol
Swastika (New).png Swastika 2019 Phrasings A Nazi Germany swastika
Atac's Om.png Atac's Om 2019 AtacFauxpas An Om symbol
Madvillainy (New).png Madvillainy 2019 jaffdhi The album Madvillainy by Madvillain
Satsuki Kiryuin & Ryuko Matoi.png Satsuki Kiryuin & Ryuko Matoi 2019 clipchip A 1x2 of Kill La Kill characters Satsuki Kiryuin and Ryuko Matoi (first map art was completed in 2018, second in 2019)
Maltese Cross.png Maltese Cross 2018 Azdin The first map art in Azdin's coat of arms series
Pardi Gratia.png Pardi Gratia 2018 Sengorn_Leopard A 2x2 of miscellaneous meaningful symbols and designs
Mandala.png Mandala 2018 AjahnMara A 2x2 mandala art piece
My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.png My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy 2018 ostrich1414 The album My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy by Kanye West
MisterStrawman's Eye.png MisterStrawman's Eye 2018 MisterStrawman An image of MisterStrawman's player head (also a replica of an earlier map art)
Donald Trump.png Donald Trump 2018 MisterStrawman President of the United States of America, Donald Trump
Ainz Ooal Gown.png Ainz Ooal Gown 2018 clipchip The skull of Overlord character Ainz Ooal Gown
Asuka.png Asuka 2018 clipchip Asuka Langley Soryu from Neon Genesis Evangelion
MisterStrawman's Self-Portrait.png MisterStrawman's Self Portrait TBD MisterStrawman An image of MisterStrawman's player head (the original copy, was later replicated in 2018)
Swastika (Infam0us2).png Infam0us2's Swastika TBD Infam0us2 A Nazi Germany swastika (was later griefed by clipchip)