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Since their introduction in update 1.8, many players on SimplicityPVP have created banners to represent their bases and clans. Many of these banners hold great historical significance due to their association. This page serves as an index for most banners on the server, providing both a picture and a description of each banner. Due to the sheer amount of banners used in the server, the index will be separated by whether it represents a base or a clan, and will also be listed in alphabetical order.

Clan Banners

Image Affiliation Description
BlocForClansBanner.png Bloc for Clans Orange base with white globe pattern
TSCOT-Banner.png TSCOT
BOCflag.png Blue Orchid Cult
RealBBbanner.png Brick Brotherhood
Francis4.pngFrancymbol.png Church of Francis
CoM.PNG Confederacy of Man White base, red roundel, red cross, brown bordure indented, black bordure indented
EldersBanner1.png Council of Elders
EoLBanner.png Empire of Lords Gray base, black chevron, black inverted chevron, black saltire
EoO1.png Empire of Odin
Banner.png Fellowship of the Kittens White base, red cross, red flower charge
Ironnexus.jpg Iron Nexus White base, gray bordure, gray fess, red flower charge, black roundel
Masteria Banner.png Masteria
Newfriendsbanner1.png New Friends Blue base, light blue lozenge, blue inverted chevron
NorthKoriaBanner.png North Koria (Clan)
Banner Inquisicion.PNG Spanish Inquisition
Dominionbanner.png The Dominion White base, black base gradient, black gradient, black flower charge
Minecraft banner 5gn5tgb5z5w.png The Fellowship Blue base, white fess, blue base indented, white flower charge, blue inverted chevron
LeagueBannerPic1.png The League White base, light gray bordure, light gray lozenge, red roundel
Theorderbanner.png The Order White base, blue saltire, blue lozenge, red roundel, black bordure, black chief indented, black base indented
The Order of Wilbur Banner.png The Order of Wilbur Orange base, red gradient, yellow base gradient, pink lozenge, black skull charge
The Republic Banner.png The Republic Red base, yellow cross, yellow flower charge, red roundel
Unitedalliancebanner.png United Alliance Green base, brown per fess, brown pale, white flower charge, light gray cross, light gray fess, light blue roundel
Ympbanner.png YeeterMyPeeter Black base, brown bend sinister, black bordure, black per bend sinister inverted, gray chief dexter canton, black bordure indented

Base Banners