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On SimPvP, many players have created custom-made banners in order to represent their teams, bases or movements; many of these banners have since become iconic, and hold great historical significance. On this page, many of the server's unique banners will be displayed, with a brief description of each.


The first four pictures in this gallery were taken at the suit1337 Memorial Banner Museum located in Quinsigamond, which houses one of the largest, regularly-maintained collections of player-made banners on the server. (Note: All descriptions of banners begin from the leftmost banner on the wall, and across to the right)


  • House of the Dying Sun: A library founded by indy64, located within the base Vallaryn.
  • Blue Orchid Cult: A team formed in January 2016 that infamously waged war against The Principate during the Great Wars, and dissolved shortly afterwards; they founded bases such as Gregoria.
  • Capital of SimPvP: A base created by MisterStrawman, loosely based off of Valhalla; it generated help from many other players.
  • The Principate: A team formed in October 2015, they fought against the BOC during the Great Wars and disbanded after in February 2016; they founded bases such as Haven and Argemone.
  • Indigo Castle: A large castle complex created by INDIGO011, also known as the official headquarters of the Indigo Empire.


  • The City of Quinsigamond: A city founded by ostrich1414 in January 2017; this city is, in fact, the location of the museum that houses these banners.
  • Trump Tower: A large tower located in Trump City, a base founded by JavelinFury and clipchip in January 2016; it was later griefed.
  • Sigil of Harrenhal: A base founded by morl0ck in 2013, also known as Morl0ck's Castle.
  • Creadise: A base founded by CreaPat, not much else is known at the present time.


  • The Aeon Spear: The official banner for suit1337's base, Suit's tower, located nearby Spawn.
  • Sigil of Vallaryn: A base founded by morl0ck in January 2017, featuring many other players.
  • The Conspiracy: An exclusive team formed sometime in 2016, comprised only of JavelinFury, clipchip and MisterStrawman; they founded bases such as the Golden Sun and The Vault.
  • The Golden Sun: A base founded by Conspiracy in November 2016, comprised of three main districts.