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Like many Minecraft servers, SimPvP has numerous relevant Discord servers. However, there is only one official Discord server; the rest are related or affiliated, but unofficial. Most SimPvP-related Discord servers center around the various clans and bases that inhabit the server, but there also exist several other community servers for projects, events, and banter.

This article will list some of the SimPvP-related Discord servers that have public links, meaning that private Discord servers that are invite-only without a public link will not be featured here. Any expired links should be updated. That being said, please review the note regarding the official SimPvP Discord server, as the link is not public.

Anyone is welcome to add their public server to this list, so long as the link never expires and it is related and relevant to SimPvP in some form.

Sever Name Admins/Moderators Description Link
SimplicityPvP - simpvp.net Yukarion, MisterStrawman, DakkaDok, MoWobbler, Korijenkins, clipchip, Laztec The official Discord server for SimPvP There is no public link for the official SimPvP Discord server. To get access to this server, please contact one of the Admins.
SimpPvP (Craftablia) MoWobbler, LidGuy, Laztec, SenorJeb, Nebuelaz, ElectricChugg, oakmarten The unofficial shitposting Discord server for SimPvP (currently the largest SimPvP-related server) https://discord.gg/9WgRxtnuqJ
balls II Lpmaster123, ChuckFuk, Glausthe, SonicJacob, oakmarten, Lord1, Lobster2337, Amakano An unofficial community Discord server https://discord.gg/scFhsDkVHq
Archive Of YouTube Media on SimPvP TheOnlySlash, Korijenkins, VetoTheNeato, clipchip, Zepheron An archive for all SimPvP-related YouTube videos https://discord.gg/nH8UX82
SimPvP Map Art Archive Goujon An archive for all SimPvP Map Art https://discord.gg/FC8jzmYse6
SimPvP Silk Road Sice_01, f8tal A server for trading and bartering https://discord.gg/e745xc3
Church of Francis Lord1, Tenced, Swiggles, f8tal, James8B, Sice_01, Unkn0wnSFR, MrDavid99, 086,Lpmaster123 The Church of Francis's main discord https://discord.gg/ygJN7z4FUA