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Name: Quint
Ingame name: iQuint
Alts: <none>
Status: Inactive
First joined: 2013

Clans: Formerly in The Empire, Nameless, and Blue Orchid Cult

Quint, known in-game as iQuint, is a controversial player who joined the server in 2013.


Early on in his time on SimPvP, Quint joined pippenger's empire. While in The Empire, he lived at Castle Tamarisk and later the capital, New Caladan. Quint proved himself to be a talented engineer, building most of the mob grinders and other machines at the city. However, due to his suspected disloyalty and lack of respect for building codes, his tenure in The Empire was not entirely enjoyable or productive. Still, he was one of the more functional members of the team and a part of the inner leadership circle.


In the summer of 2014, iQuint escaped one of the Event Arenas while he was still in Game mode 1. This allowed him to get into the regular server on GM1. At first, the mods ignored his requests for help because they did not believe him, so for months, he remained in this state.

On August 7th, 2014, Quint spawned diamonds and gave them to Pippenger and Morl0ck. They turned him into the mods, and Quint was banned. A fierce six-page debate followed on the forums as the server tried to decide what punishment was appropriate. Players such as Morl0ck advocated leniency, while players such as LoneSoldier55 demanded a permaban.

His punishment ended up being a 6-month ban, and on February 8th, 2015, Quint was unbanned and unjailed. He returned to the server as a free man, but with a very mixed reputation. Some saw him as a hero, and some saw him as a hacker who should never have been allowed to come back.


In the summer of 2015, Quint started a project to dig a massive quarry and give the proceeds in ores and diamonds to investors. One of the principal investors was OdinFire/Elocphant. When the project was done, however, he refused to pay Elocphant back, defrauding him of a huge amount of diamonds. Eloc threw a classic tantrum, and his team collapsed in the aftermath. The scam earned Quint even more infamy, but overall, probably hurt Eloc's reputation more.


In the winter of 2015, a group called The Principate invaded and took over the base where Quint and fellow team members were residing. The invading group said that they'd do no harm against Quint + team. They believed them, but they lost the will to build. So they all kinda became bored and did nothing but chat. The princeshit used their facilities. salt.