Noodle Town

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Noodle Town
Noodle Town.png
Name: Noodle Town

Status: Active

Formed: January 2020

Members: NeutralistNoodle, JohnzyFetusboy
Clans: Men Hyogi-kai

Noodle Town was created after the incident at Atherius. The base is at a large distance from spawn, and JohnzyFetusboy and NeutralistNoodle were taken out that far by Lord1. Construction began at a rapid pace right after the city was founded.

Noodle Town1.png

Noodle Town2.png

However, construction soon slowed as Johnzy became dissatisfied with basing with NeutralistNoodle. He took all the valuables from the base which caused Neutralist to leave near the end of February 2020. This left the base in the full ownership of JohnzyFetusboy aka 2b2twink.


Despite appearances, the building style of Noodle Town is simply just a slight variation of NeutralistNoodle's original building style. The only difference is the replacement of wood beams on the sides of buildings with chiseled stone bricks. Neutralist's style has always been heavily influenced by the style of Porkington.


The style of building in Noodle Town has influenced the building style of Jtov, who has replicated it to some extent at Takyon.