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Ingame name: Jtov/ColbyBrian
Alts: None
Status: Active
First joined: March 31st, 2019

Clans: The Republic
Bases: Vilivian, Obbytown, Nomad's Rest,Equillibrum Complex and Sigil

Jtov is a player who joined the server on March 31st, 2019. He has been active at several bases around Spawn. Eventually deciding to become a regular and be in bigger bases with more people

Facts And Stuff


Most everyone is his ally.


Jtov wants to keep his enemy list shorter than his ally list, which is why the only people he doesn't like it Lord1 and Antzakes1. I guess he doesn't like people who's name ends in 1


The Start

On March 31st, 2019, someone named Jtov was bored as hell and was tired of all these inactive, new or servers that cost $20 dollars to play on anarchy servers. While looking through different severs he found simpvp. Among this discovery he was very excited that this server was older than him since he is a 7 year old squeaker.

Jtov logged on to the server to see Lord1 at spawn. Trying to find a new player to start off with. After talking, Lord1 wanted to take Jtov to Castle Snowfrog to start off, which Jtov then said that it sounded like a gay porno... a few signs later and Jtov had raided a temp base at Snowfrog and got some decent materials and found out that Lord1 wasn't a new player and was gonna go to his clan base. After that Jtov logged off and didn't return for a month.


On April 20th Jtov decided to give the server another try, he decided to give himself a fresh start by doing /kill and destroying bed, it's not like he had much anyways. He asked a player by the name Drogun if he was new, which he responded yes and they were going to team. The most obvious thing to do was take Drogun to Castle Snowfrog even though Jtov just left there. After full iron armor and some food they headed off. They found a secret tunnel in the nether at around y: 13 and it was a long railway. Drogun and Jtov went down this tunnel for about 5 or 10 minutes until they reached a stopping place. They dug for a little bit and placed down a portal that led to a ravine. After digging up they were in an ocean next to a village, and thus Vilivian was born. Vilivian is a shitty base that has 2 building, an egg farm, villager breeder and unfinished project that no one is going to ever finish because it takes too much damn sand. Also, Drogun left until like August. AntHand did most of the work on Vilivian.

Coming Back

After 2 weeks on the server Jtov took yet another break. It wasn't as long though, he logged on every so often saying "My pc is shit" as an excuse to not get on. Which was true. He kinda worked on the sand project thing until August 16 where he said, "Yeah I am just gonna abandon this base" and AntHand said he knew where a group of people were basing. Jtov decided that he would do /kill go to spawn and find an unprotected portal and go on over to that base. So plot twist, Drogun comes on which at this point I think I'm a little stupid for not realizing he was an alt. He had decided he wanted to follow me, which yes, I am aware this was a dumb decision. This base was known as YWG, Obbytown or #YittriumWorkGang. It was a site where people mined obsidian for Yittrium so in return, Yitt gave the slaves- I mean, players materials. There is a screenshot of everyone working together below.


Obbytown was raided the next day by clipchip and JavelinFury. Drogun and this other dude named Bloxxer invited Jtov to a base pretty far out. Drogun did a lot of work and Jtov barely did anything there. Bloxxer turned out to be a filthy hacker.


Jtov built what was planned to be a long term base that would thrive with: VetoTheNeato, Cheesy Chips22, ImtheSherff, Wawuwiva, Kadenis, Nddragoon, IPyxis and Lord1. It lasted very few days because Lord1 kept killing people, he meant no harm but it ended up to the base coords being leaked by a few members. This caused the large, Bloc For Clans to be overthrown and forgotten because Lord1 violated his own laws.

Sigil Cityscape.png


Takyon is a base consisting of many members, mainly people from Sigil. The members are listed on the page of the base. Jtov has spent many of his hours here since he has been on simpvp. Building many of the houses in Takville and helping diGGing4gold with the underground section, mainly the villager breeder. Jtov even made his own automatic wool farm for map arts and whatever else you need wool for. Takyon was eventually griefed by it's own members and some outside members due to Anthand annexing the city and thus ending Jtov and Anthand's friendship

Where is Jtov now?

Jtov is now working on a solo base started on June 22nd of 2020, at the time of writing this it has no name but will eventually