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Name: Oasis

Status: Active

Formed: 2012

Members: DeflowVesper

Oasis is a small base founded by DeflowVesper in 2012. Located in the middle of a desert biome, Oasis is a walled-in area of land filled with grass, trees, water, animals, and other player-friendly resources - a true oasis in the barren, vacant desert. Though not too much is known today about its early history, what little is known has been dug up through a variety of records found at Oasis, as well as stories from players who have visited Oasis in the past.


DeflowVesper's Original Oasis

Sometime in 2012, DeflowVesper decided to construct a player-friendly base not too far from spawn. She settled on a small desert biome bordered by a massive ocean, with a range of extreme hills blocking the desert on the other side. The area was very isolated, and DeflowVesper thought that any long-road travelers or passersby journeying through the desert may want to take a quick stop; however, the area was not an ideal place for a traveler from the wrath of spawn to stop in, as it was just as hostile as spawn. DeflowVesper, in order to appeal to the array of SimPvP travelers, constructed a very large cobblestone/stone brick wall in a rectangular, closed-in shape, so as to draw the attention of those who noticed it on their journeys. Inside of the walls, DeflowVesper replaced the sand with grass, and brought with her chickens, sheep, trees, and water. Once a plot of desert land, the area was now becoming an oasis - and that is exactly what DeflowVesper decided to call it. Oasis was a safe haven for travelers, especially those who were either attempting to leave spawn and head farther out into the world, or those who were interested in discovering new (or old) bases. It prided itself on community and equality, offering its bounty to any and all who journeyed into it. Oasis had its doors open to everyone, and while many respected its purpose, DeflowVesper was still forced to put up "Do Not Greif" signs, as she was building a safe space in a world of danger and anarchy.

OdinFire's Wrath

Though the date is not determinable due to its loss in the server's history, it has been found that sometime during Oasis's peak years, OdinFire raided and greifed Oasis, destroying a majority of its buildings and stealing the offerings to hungry and homeless travelers. Many players were angered by this, and DeflowVesper herself was especially disappointed that OdinFire would greif a place of communtiy and hope. Thus, OdinFire quickly realized his mistakes and placed a couple of signs within Oasis's walls, stating that he was "quitting the server" because of it. These signs are still present to this day, and offer some insight to what exactly it was that OdinFire did to cause this distress within Oasis.

Nevertheless, Oasis was later rebuilt and refurbished by DeflowVesper, and it once again returned to its former glory, remaining untouched for years, aside from the occasional visitor who would leave his name behind on a large, yet filled, wall of signs.

The UA's Annexation

In May of 2017, ostrich1414 had just finished completing his memorial city, Quinsigamond, when he left to go and visit Starseed's Castle. However, along the way, he stumbled upon Oasis, standing there in the middle of that same desert, untouched. Curious, ostrich1414 explored the base, having never seen it before. He even asked other players who were online, and no one seemed to recognize it. As it was relatively close to Quinsigamond and easy to access, ostrich1414 saved the coordinates for later use, planning to do something with them. He was very interested in the lore and history of the server, and the lost mystery of Oasis only further intrigued him.

After the foundation of the United Alliance, ostrich1414 and JavelinFury began annexing former bases they had access too, especially those with no present claims. This included Oasis, which was formally annexed by the UA in July of 2017. Ostrich1414 gave control of Oasis over to UA member Donald_Trump_37, who became the Senior Commander of Oasis. The UA had no plans to alter or tamper with Oasis, only keeping it as it had been since 2012 in adherence to their respect of historical monuments; the only modifications that were made during this time were those of maintenance or upkeep for the base itself.

Oasis's Reversion

After suffering defeat from the War of Monarchia on October 6th, 2017, the United Alliance collapsed, with clipchip soon establishing The Royal Allegiance shortly after. In order to differentiate the RA from the UA, clipchip disassociated his team with a few of the UA's former bases, with Oasis being one of them. Thus, Oasis was no longer under the control of any foreign power or team, and was once again an independent base. Donald_Trump_37 was let go from his position at Oasis, but it was later revealed that he was a secret alt of ostrich1414, today known as OstrichsCoolAlt.

Now, Oasis stands as it always had, waiting for new players and travelers to find it and its bounty.


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