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Name: Quagsmaria

Status: Abandoned

Formed: April/May 2019?

Coords: X 1217 Z 3559
Members: Talksalot011, Lord1
Clans: YMP Crusade

Quagsmaria is a base founded by talksalot011, who is a loyal citizen of YMP Crusade, although Lord1 says that it belongs to YMPC, Talksalot011 is the proud founder, manager, farmer and rightful owner of the area, there is a observation tower, a Red Wool Society Public Shrine, the Luxury Pot™, Talk's Big Boy Home™, a strange growth similar to Funnytopia and the 2b2t spawn, and Gamertopia, a small nearby base made of dirt houses. The Luxury Pot wasn't declared Quagsmarian land until Talksalot expanded the town. Currently, Talksalot011 left Quagsmaria because he was mad at Lord1.

Quagsmaria was the battle ground for the Battle of Quagsmaria where the YMP Crusaders lost control of the small town to the city of Yittrium