YMP Crusade

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The YMP Crusade
Name: The YMP Crusade

Status: Ended

Formed: June 16th, 2019
Disbanded: July 19th, 2019

Members: Lord1, Dougmaster, EddieHZ, Wisent (& anybody for either protecting spawn or stopping The Siege)
Bases: Crusader Slave base No 1, Quagsmaria (lost to Yittrium), Crusader Slave base No 2 (attacked and destroyed)

The Crusade (formally "The #EggGang/YMP Crusade") was an event organised by YeeterMyPeeter and #EggGang under the assigned control of Lord1. According to the Crusade commander Lord1, the Crusade was not organised to sabotage TheOnlySlash and The Siege, the Crusade's plans were drafted a week prior although they changed many times throughout its lifespan. The Crusades plans were initiated when they heard about The Siege.


(As of latest update) The YMP Crusade's goal are as follows:

Prevent to complete destruction of spawn.

Claim territory for the greater good.

Enslave new player for their own good.

Operations and Campaigns

Invasion of Valhalla

The Invasion of Valhalla took place on the 16th of June. The Crusade's plan to take over Valhalla were sabotaged by The Siege after The_Arma infiltrated the YMP Crusaders and tried to ambush Lord1 with the help of TheOnlySlash. They failed to do so due to Lord1 escaping the ambush.


2nd YMP /world invasion

During the first YMP /world invasion, YMP built the YMP Castle (shown in picture below). They then lost the castle when defeated in combat.

During the 2nd YMP /world invasion,YeeterMyPeeter retook the YMP castle and defended it from players such as: SpenPen, Cheesy_chips22. YMP also put a tax on any trades that took place in /world, although no trades took place under their rule. The YMP castle was bombed by ostrich1414 and some associates on the 24/6/19[1]


Operation Moist Boiz

Operation Moist Boiz (AKA: Operation Hydration, #Spawn2Dry) was a plan to halt The Siege's plan to reduce Spawn to bedrock. They (The Siege) had intended to tnt bomb 2000 blocks out in every direction of spawn to filter the skill level of new players to the server, although this went against the Crusaders plan to enslave new player (skilled or otherwise). Dougmaster and Lord1 then devised a plan to stop this by covering the majority of spawn in water source blocks to make it immune to The Siege's bombers.


Invasion of Quagsmaria and the Kudzu ruins

The invasion of Quagsmaria and the Kudzu ruins took place on the 24th june 2019 on which Lord1, Dougmaster, Wisent and MoWobbler took a road trip to visit Talksalot011's base (Quagsmaria). Lord1 then claimed the area for the Crusade. The Crusaders successfully claimed the land as it was physically unopposed.

"This was until Talksalot011 left because the YMP Crusade was basically Fascist Italy trying to be the Roman Empire." -Talksalot011


Battle of Quagsmaria

The short battle involving Yittrium forces and the YMPC/PPARQ to regain control over the small town of Quagsmaria was lost by the YMPC/PPARQ forces to Yittrium because of the only survivor being ostrich1414.

Ocupation of Struthio

After being invited to come to Struthio by CranberryWarrior, Lord1 explored and claimed the abandoned base for the Crusade.

2019-07-10 00.40.28.png

End of the Crusade

The YMP Crusade came to an end when its commander, Lord1 left YMP on the 19/07/2019. All YMP Crusader Properties that weren't taken back or destroyed were restored to independance and all slaves given freedom.

Slave Gallery

Labor.png Forced labor

Ympsb2.png Forced labor at YMP Crusader Slave Base No.2

Ympc1.png Slave fighting

Ympc2.png More slave fighting

Ympc3.png More slave fighting