Battle of Quagsmaria

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Battle of Quagsmaria
Name: Battle of Quagsmaria

Status: Won by Yittrium
Date: July 6th, 2019

Members: Yittrium/Dominion Combatants: ostrich1414, TheOnlySlash YMPC/PPARQ Combatants: Lord1, Cocoaboa
Bases: Quagsmaria

What was initially a YeeterMyPeeter guerrilla styled ambush from Lord1 on behalf of the YMP Crusade on TheOnlySlash turned into a short battle for the control over the small town of Quagsmaria after its initial owner talksalot011 abandoned it.

Before the battle erupted, the town of Quagsmaria was already taken over by the YMP Crusaders 13 days prior[1].


Ostrich1414 went to Quagsmaria to annex it on behalf of Yittrium and met TheOnlySlash there at random, and the two began to converse. Lord1 saw this in chat and decided to ambush TheOnlySlash. Lord1 was invisible and began shooting TheOnlySlash and was unsuccessful. These small-scale shootings were narrowly avoided for roughly 10-15 minutes when Lord1 ran out of invisibility and decided to attack them naked with an iron sword; he was then attacked by both players, with TheOnlySlash striking the final fatal blow.

The final battle came after that when Lord1 established the 'Provisional Paramilitary Army for Retaking Quagsmaria' (PPARQ) which included Lord1, Cocoaboa and Diedie228 (although Diedie228 would never show up to the battle).


The Battle

Lord1, in control of the PPARQ, formed the strategy of distracting Yittrium forces with a blunt and brief attack whilst Cocoaboa flanked them (Cocoaboa's addition to the plan being invisible to blow them up).

PPARQ's strategy went as planned: Lord1 died fighting TheOnlySlash, and then when his guard was lowered Cocoaboa blew TheOnlySlash up with a crystal bomb, killing himself as well.

Seeing as all PPARQ combatants died during the battle, Yittrium emerged victorious with ostrich1414 standing his ground and being the only survivor. Quagsmaria remained under Yittrium's colonial control as ostrich1414 fled the town shortly after the battle.