Simpson Couch

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Simpson Couch
Name: Simpson Couch


Formed: 19th January

Coords: Near Spawn

The Simpson Couch was created on the 19th January during The Second Siege by Cutman, cheesy_chips22 and Lord1 as a viewing platform to watch Lord1's siege bombers go past.


Builders being Cutman and cheesy_chips with Lord1 coining the name 'Simpson Couch'.


The Simpsonian Civil War

On the eve of the 19th of January, a major life changing war happens at the Simpsons Couch with many soldiers fighting. A huge fatal battle takes place ending with the death of ostrich1414 and Cheesy_chips dying from Unix's end crystal.

The Murder of Cheesy Chips

Twas the day, 21/01/2020 and cheesy chips turned up to the Simpson Couch invisible during a Simpson Couch Party and was killed by Sellout9.

The Creation of the Simpson Couch Discord


Homer: Cutman

Marge: Lord1

Bart: Unix

Lisa: Cheesy Chips

Maggie: Antzakes1

Santas Little Helper: Ostrich1414

Snowball: Sengorn

VetoTheNeato was there and didn't get a name. Thus, I deem myself Hans Moleman.