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Name: TonTheKidRS
Ingame name: Ton
Status: Active player
First joined: December 30th, 2018

Clans: The Commonwealth
Bases: The Diorite Hut, Triterrus, Yittrium, Craftablia

TonTheKidRS is the Secretary of Redstone for the Triterrus team.


Early History

TonTheKidRS beamed down into SimPVP on December 30th, 2018 and instantly began his tyrannic rule of his Diorite Hut. Altough he was a more recent addition to the server compared to other players, he has settled in and knows most of the active community. He also has the highest current average hours per day on the server. Ton has created many of the things used daily by the members of Triterrus, most notably the Super-Smelter.


On October 7th, 2019, TonTheKidRS was invited to the City of Yittrium, becoming its newest member in an effort to assist in the city's rapid growth.


Ton has worked on and is responsible for the design of most if not all of Triterrus' auto-farms including:

  • The Melon Farm
  • The Pumpkin Farm
  • The Kelp Farm
  • The Super-Smelter

Ton has also built the new Furnace XP farm at Yittrium.


  • He has played for 243656 minutes = 4060.9 hours = 169.2 days for an average of 12.85 hours per day.
  • He's a nerd