Melon Boiz Inc.™

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Melon Boiz Inc.™

Status: Abandoned

Location: Hammerhall

Melon Boiz Inc.™ was created on the 2nd of April 2019 by the player Lord1 after he finished the initial melon factory. Since then, Melon Boiz Inc.™ has spread from Hammerhall new Fellowship of the Kittens Base to places such as: /world (before being bombed by clipchip) and Syracusai.

Catchphrase: "It's Smelon Good!"

Melon Boiz Inc.™ Controversies

/World market Bombings the day after the /world Melon Boiz Inc.™ market was built by (Lord1, 8cream8machine8) it suffered a medium scaled bombing by the player clipchip, whilst ostrich1414 was defending him. CEO and founder of Melon Boiz Inc.™ tried to defend it, but it was already too late.

Melon Boiz Inc.™'s fall

Melon Boiz Inc.™ was disbanded after the base Hammerhall had to be abandoned due to it being discovered by a player called Kojed. with the abandoning of Hammerhall, Melon Boiz Inc.™ was scrapped for resources and thus stopping Melon Production.



Melon Boiz Inc.™ /world market place before the bombing


Melon Boiz Inc.™ Head office


Melon Boiz Inc.™ Melon factory