Two Words

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Newplace Two words
Name: Newplace Two words

Status: Griefed

Formed: 21st Feb 2020
Abandoned: 23rd June 2020

Members: Tenced, Haileymc2000, iPyxis, Lord1, SaluutSFR, benwolf_, Ostrich1414, TonTheKidRS, MrMeeps, MutualistManiac
Clans: The Church of Francis (mostly)

Two Words (Formally Newplace Two Words) is a modern day city style base founded by Lord1 and iPyxis in late February 2020 and is a direct descendant of the base Oneword.

BC Speed Limit Sign (Two Words).png

Above is a Map Art used in Two Words as a speed sign.

[A tour on the 10th of May of Two Words]


After the leaking and abandonment of Oneword, most of the ex members wanted a new base but a different building style, so they agreed on modern day city. The first members to arrive were the ex Oneword members then others arrived that were previous base members from New Hammerhall and Francistan (mostly Church members) and most recently TonTheKidRS.

The First builds were made in or around 'Dickhead Lake' which is the base's high class, sky scraper district. As the base expanded, a new district was created for a more ghetto, slum like style called 'Kushdraw'.

The base attended the Simpvp Summit on behalf of Lord1, iPyxis and Tenced.

After The Stonetown Incident, Two Words progress came to a halt after they discovered one of their members, CranberryWarrior was actually Ostrich1414. A lot of members put their builds on pause and evacuated the city but some were able to accept ostrich1414 as a member as they had based with ostrich before. after a week, people returned to the city and were able to resume their builds and ostrich had stated he will become a active member there, although as of June 2020 he hasn't returned to the city yet :/

During the first wave of the Caudices imperial expansion where they annex both Wilburia and Takyon, rumours spread that they had coords to MBI Crater and Two Words, causing a decrease in activity, although most members where on 'ok' terms with Caudices so threat of greifing/raiding wasn't prominent.

On the 23rd of June 2020, The Republic griefed Two Words in the effort to try attack Lord1. They claim they found it by following members through portals but most members suspect either Ostrich1414 or Lord Pasta of leaking it as they are Republic members.