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First joined: Discovered on 17th of March 2019

Clans: Fellowship of the Kittens, Church of Francis
Bases: Syracusai


A portrait of Francis by THEJudgeHolden.

Early Life

Francis was discovered on the 17th of March by early settlers of the city of Syracusai, he was taken in by the Fellowship of the Kittens and seen and referenced as a god in the FoK Elder Gods book. Francis lived in the middle of Syracusai for a few months with his son Olgrem. KoriJenkins claims he killed Francis when griefing Syracusai, the Church denies this as they claim Francis was moved a underground a few weeks before the grief.

Rebirth in Francis Popularity

Until the 4th of August, Francis was largely forgotten. It wasn't until the founding of New Hammerhall, the Francis Cathedral, Francisism and the creation of the Church of Francis that Francis would see a rise in popularity.

Francisism and the Church of Francis

The term 'Francisism' refers to the religion created to praise Francis and his gifts and is seen to be the largest religion in modern day SimPvP, rivalling the ancient religions of The Order of Wilbur and Yukarionism.

The Church of Francis is an organisation created to praise and protect Francis and his followers. Founded on the 4th of August 2019 by Priests Lord1 and Tenced at the Francis Cathedral in New Hammerhall, this military order takes aggressive actions against its supposed enemies in the name of Francis, for example: The 'Church of Francis Invasions' in which a small army of Francillian brethren attacked and raided multiple of The Conspiracy's bases.

Rivalry with Wilbur and the Holy War

Francis's and Francisism's rise in popularity was seen as aggressive by Wilburians, which caused them to initiate war with Francis and the Church. The Holy Wilbur-Francis War lasted exactly one month and one day until the Francillians lost the Battle of Syracusai and surrendered to the Wilburians. Even after the war ended, there was still rivalry, although the aggression between the two religions died down.

Post-War Imperialism and Francis_bot

After the war, the Church of Francis slowly transformed itself into more of an empire than a church organisation. They did this by repossessing (annexing) others bases to use for their growing numbers. In early 2020, the a unofficial name took off for the church, the 'Red Empire'.

After this new age of Church imperialism took off, Father 086 would release his creation 'Francis_bot', a Francis chat bot.