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Stonetown 1.png
Name: Stonetown

Status: Semi-Active

Formed: Early 2014

Members: Pippenger, dariepearjuicy, ostrich1414, Unclechain

Stonetown is a small town created by Pippenger, dariepearjuicy, ostrich1414, and Unclechain in early 2014.

Founded by Pippenger, Stonetown was created in the likeness of New Caladan and Ascaris, utilizing the similar style of architecture that Pippenger himself had created. It is built in the style of Imperial Architecture, but it was never truly a part of The Empire. It was later incorporated into the United Alliance and later The Royal Allegiance in 2017, until the latter's disbanding in 2018.


Stonetown was founded in early 2014 after Pippenger's large capital city, New Caladan, had been griefed and destroyed by an unknown citizen named Horus. Still interested in using his personal style of Imperial Architecture in his builds, Pippenger decided to create a new city and recruited three members he had worked with on previous bases: dariepearjuicy, ostrich1414, and Unclechain.

At first, the town flourished: buildings were being constructed at a rapid rate, and the town's central "tree dome" was simultaneously being built. Each player took on different roles within the community: Pippenger managed a majority of the larger projects, including the tree dome and miscellaneous buildings, dariepearjuicy worked on various mob farms, ostrich1414 handled the local agricultural departments, including a tree farm and various animal farms, and Unclechain maintained the largest building in the town: his own personal house.

On July 29th, 2014, ostrich1414 was attempting to get the Minecraft achievement "When Pigs Fly"; in order to do this, he was to mount a saddle onto a pig and ride it off of a cliff. Ostrich1414 found a pig, whom he named "Wilbur", and rode him off of the top of the tree dome, where the two of them died. Wilbur's brutal death shocked many throughout both Stonetown and the Simplicity PvP community, and ostrich1414's barbaric actions were severely condemned. Later, a memorial was constructed in the town's center and in /world, commemorating the day of Wilbur's tragic death, and even a secret cult, known as "The Order of Wilbur", was founded in Stonetown not long after his death. This cult's headquarters can still be seen in the town, although not much is known about its activities.

Soon after the death of Wilbur, construction in Stonetown slowed down, and most of the players moved on to newer things. Unclechain vanished from the town altogether and Pippenger decided to work on a brand new base, today known as Aggersel. Dariepearjuicy later joined him and ostrich1414 went on a brief hiatus before joining back again in 2015. Although Stonetown was vacant for many months, it still remains entirely intact today and it has not been discovered yet. Although it has largely been abandoned, it is still used every so often by some of its former citizens.

On May of 2017, Stonetown was annexed by the United Alliance and became one of the clan's more important bases. Because of this, Stonetown once again became an active town, and although no further construction or renovations were being made, it would still be in frequent use for other activities.

After being defeated in the War of Monarchia, the UA collapsed on October 6th, 2017, and transferred control of Stonetown to The Royal Allegiance. Although the RA currently administers the base, the team has largely been abandoned and neglected, thus technically making Stonetown an independent, fully-autonomous town that is still regularly used by those who have access to its amenities.


These are some of the more notable buildings and sites in Stonetown:

  • The Tree Dome
    • A massive dome made out of dirt and grass; it is covered in trees on the outside while the inside is filled with giant mushrooms and mycelium. It overlooks the town.
  • Ostrich & Co. Tree Farm
  • Unclechain's House
  • Palace of Treasures
  • Dariepearjuicy's Skeleton Farm
  • Head Sanctuary of the Order of Wilbur
  • The Wilbur Memorial
  • Stonetown Inn


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