E lee

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E lee
E leeskin2.png
Ingame name: e_lee
Alts: YeeterMyPeeter
Status: Active
First joined: April 23rd, 2019

Clans: YeeterMyPeeter, YMP Crusade (Former), Church of Francis (Former)
Bases: EGGTOWN, DunceVille, Der Bunker, Struthio, Francistan, The Holy Land, AXETOWN, Asguard, Tempest, Skyreach, Ravenglass, Fort Rios

e_lee is a player who joined the server on April 23rd, 2019. He has been closely allied and affiliated with YeeterMyPeeter, joining them at their base EGGTOWN and even assisting them, and others, during the YMP Crusade and their retaliations against The Siege. When Struthio was under threat of destruction in May 2019, e_lee, along with jake276493 and BossCoww, were recruited by ostrich1414 to protect and defend the base against attack.

More recently, e_lee has been closely allied with Lord1, having joined the Church of Francis and their many bases, specifically their headquarters, Francistan, and the Holy Land. Because of this, e_lee has been involved in The Holy Wilbur-Francis War, taking part in a few battles during the war.

During The Holy Wilbur-Francis War one of Francistan's members, e_lee got bored of the base and the Church and leaked coords to many of the opposition. After e_lee exclaimed his boredom with the Church and the Base, Lord foresaw what was going to happen and despite e_lee claiming otherwise, knew the base would be leaked. On November 3rd/4th, Francistan was completely stripped of all resources and all portals broken within it.