Empire of Odin

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Note: This clan is unrelated to Odinland and OdinFire.

Empire of Odin (EoO)
Name: Empire of Odin (EoO)

Status: Disbanded

Formed: Mid May 2019

Members: QuantumEntropy (Mighty leader), Lord1, Dougmaster, e_lee, rezplog, BossCoww, jake276493
Bases: Asguard


Also known as 'Odins Empire' (OE) and the 'Ooga Booga Boiz', were a elite force of tribal warriors made from ex-YMP&FOK members and others. Unfortunately the EoO only lasted 8 days due to the incompatibility of the members.


the Fellowship of Odin and the Empire of Lords merged together at the command of Lord1 and QuantumEntropy, thus spawning the mighty Empire of Odin. Officially merged on the 19/05/2019. Their capital city was Asguard (also known as the "Ooga Booga Base").

War and Greifing

A spy working for Lord1 supplied Lord1 with coords to a fellowship starter base and greifed it with the help of: Tenced, jake276493, nddragoon, Bosscow and rezplog. Most of the squad made up of Empire of Odin members and Tenced and nddragoon being post-Fellowship of the Kittens players like Lord1.

The EoO went on to raid almost all of the remaining Fellowship bases after KoriJenkins leaked all their coords after successfully infiltrating them.


Shorty after raiding many of the Fellowship's bases, some post-YeeterMyPeeter(YMP) members make the decision to resurrect YMP and ditch the EoO. So they did. QuantumEntropy wasn't happy about this and leaked the ooga booga base's coords and leave the server for good, causing the now YMP to burn it down. The short-lived EoO members went there separate ways, some joining up together and some going off on their own.