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This is a page to keep track of day to day events related to SimPvP, including things which wouldn't be important enough for Server History or News. The record officially starts on January 1st, 2021, and events prior to then do not belong on this page.

View Current Events 2020 or Current Events 2019 to see previous archives.

January 2021

January 1st:

  • The server's physical host location, French Polynesia, entered 2021, prompting Burger_Malone to update the page. This was the highlight of their New Years Day.
  • A large battle takes place in the PvP world between members of the Church of Francis and the People's Coalition, with no conclusive results.

January 3rd:

January 5th:

January 11th:

January 12th:

January 13th:

  • After four and a half years, DakkaDok officially steps down as SimPvP admin.

January 18th:

  • The People's Coalition raids and annexes Pepe's Holy Land, a base created by MrMeeps and Church of Francis member TomixPlayz.

January 19th:

January 24th:

  • Plugin portal frames can now be built with crying obsidian.

January 28th:

  • After days of negotiation, The Imperial War finally comes to an end as the People's Coalition and the Church of Francis officially agree to mutual peace.
    • A small peace conference is held at Gibraltar Castle, a former base griefed by the PC at the start of the war back in December 2020. Members from both the PC and the COF attend the summit and sign treaties.
  • The Trade Federation is formed.

February 2021

February 7th:

  • The Francillian Freindship Work Camp (FFCW) is established by the Holy States of Francis, bringing several new players to the base as slaves and forcing them to mine stone, while giving them supplies, food, and shelter.

February 12th:

  • 4Pilot discovers Azdin actively griefing Castle Snowfrog manually. After driving him off, 4Pilot decided to lavacast what remained of the castle to prevent Azdin from doing further damage.
  • In a related incident, SkullerG further decimates Azpipia, which had already been heavily damaged in 2020.

February 15th:

  • Ostrich1414 founds Riverwood, a small base made for new players. Three new players are immediately brought there the day of its founding.

February 16th:

  • Tenced becomes the Supreme General of HSOF by stealing the Supreme General Sword from Lord1 after a pvp that also involved James8B.

February 18th:

February 26th:

  • A minor incident takes place at Riverwood in which vandalism from The Order of Wilbur is discovered on the Holy States of Francis's temple, resulting in the HSOF to retaliate and spread their own vandalism throughout the town. However, the incident is resolved swiftly and peace is made.

February 28th:

March 2021

March 2nd:

  • An entity malfunction at The Commonwealth's gold farm brings the server's TPS down to 1 and FPS to 0, forcing ostrich1414 to implement a whitelist with a minimum of 8,200 hours in order to fix it.

March 3rd:

  • After 8 years, 9 months, and 2 days, Ralph returns to the server, blessing SimPvP and its community with his presence.

March 5th:

March 20th:

March 23rd:

March 27th:

March 28th:

March 29th:

  • After weeks of discussion regarding Korijenkins' proposed Base Restoration Policy, Yukarion rules that Three Words, a city previously discovered using a now-illegal exploit, is to be restricted to those who gained access utilizing the exploit and its coordinates privatized. This becomes the first base to be restored with this new policy.

March 31st:

April 2021

April 1st:

  • Yukarion rebrands the server as "SimPvE", disabling pvp across the server and turning /world into a peaceful meetup area.
  • Voting for the Map Art Competition takes place in a polling station designed by iLxgend, with 13 official Map Art submissions and over 45 active voters.
    • After the votes are counted, iLxgend's map art, "SimPvP", is declared the winner, with 28 votes. It is placed on display at spawn.

April 4th:

  • Cavehoe is jailed for Rule 3, the first punishment for Rule 3 in the history of the server, and Korijenkins hosts a small party at End Spawn in celebration.

April 5th:

  • Three different server parties are held throughout the day: one at End spawn, one at Riverwood, and one at a man-made void chunk near spawn.

April 7th:

  • GS rebuilds Nether Spawn whilst HSOF eliminates all Nether Spawn Withers.
  • HSOF hosts a PvP tournament where the 3 legions of the Grand Army compete against each other in the 3 Words arena.