Tol Honeth

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Tol Honeth
Name: Tol Honeth

Status: Inactive

Formed: July 2018

Members: JavelinFury, clipchip, Fluz43, ostrich1414, dariepearjuicy, ProveMeWrong, INDIGO011

Tol Honeth is a fortress founded by JavelinFury and clipchip in July 2018. Perched atop a large mountain on an island, the fortress is comprised of multiple castles, towers and buildings, all confined within a large, thick wall. Due to its secure, defense-driven creation, Tol Honeth was intended to be an addition to INDIGO011's large Indigo Empire, comprised of many similar castles and fortresses. In September 2018, the base was abandoned as its members moved on to form a new base, leaving it behind as a fully completed fortress.


In the summer of 2018, around July, many members of the simultaneously ongoing base Java Linsghey would eventually come together to work on a new build. JavelinFury, who found the mountainous island where the base stands today, invited clipchip and Fluz43, who helped immensely in constructing a massive stone fortress. While here, other players were invited, including ostrich1414, dariepearjuicy, ProveMeWrong, and INDIGO011. Though the latter members joined late in its construction, the base flourished, becoming a large, nearly impenetrable mountain fortress. The base was eventually named "Tol Honeth", the original name for Java Linsghey, which was the name of a city taken from the fantasy series The Belgariad by David Eddings.

As Tol Honeth neared completion, and the fortress was adorned and treated with multiple large-scale buildings and towers, it was decided that it would become an addition to the Indigo Empire, a large-scale empire founded by INDIGO011 which contains similar fortresses, such as INDIGO011's Spawn Castle. As the summer of 2018 drew to a close and September came around, the fortress eventually neared completion, and it was around this time when it was decided that its members would move on to another project, officially abandoning the build.


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