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Name: Morlockia

Status: Active

Formed: April 23rd, 2021

Members: *Sengorn_Leopard -

Morlockia is the newest city formed by players who originally came together while basing at Struthio. The former city, Segoria was the largest city of it's time with massive farms for almost every resource. After clipchip griefed Segoria, the members gathered their remaining supplies and settled at a very distant land discovered by CrackyJoe. The residents of Morlockia hope to out-preform their previous works in both scale and quality.


At the start of 2019, Ostrich1414 gathered a small group of talented builders at his previously inactive base, Struthio. As it expanded, it became a well-known base with some of the largest structures on the server. Unfortunately due to its proximety to spawn it was discovered and the residents had to abandon it. The "Struthio Gang" now without safety needed a new place to build. Sengorn_Leopard provided a location near a jungle well over 10 million from spawn where he previously wanted to build a base. As he had already kept a stockpile there, the base grew rapidly. The group of players, most with their own long histories on the server grew from a humble collective to form the most famous base on the server, Segoria. Vast in scale and abound in farms, it grew in fame and fortune for nearly two years, being griefed right at the server's 10th anniversary.

These players now with a hefty amount of experience and fellowship under their belts are working together to rebuild bigger and better. The ambition of these players has already seen an explosion of growth, with an amazing multifunctional storage system being built within the first few days. Their goal is to outperform Segoria quickly and create a base in a league of it's own, barreling into a new golden age of building.


  • Biomes -
  • Political Stance - Disinterested
  • Government -
  • Population - 6
  • Demonym - Morlockans
  • Motto -
  • Main Exports -

Major Events

  • April 23rd, 2021 - Morlockia is Founded


Storage Hub

Having enough space for every item in the game and an easy pathway to expand for newer updates, this storage room also includes a large smelting system, bulk storage, automatic shulker unloaders, a large player portal hub, autobrewing machine, enchantment storge, and a decorative vault.


Gold Farm