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Ingame name: MrXing
Alts: SlicedUrethra, FlakyInsoles69, DakkaDok, clipchip, Lord1, TheOnlySlash, clipchipsFit, Yukarion
Status: Active
First joined: April 12th 2019

Location: England (South Coast)

Clans: Church Of Fluz (Former), Cheese (Former), SEX TOMATO (Current)
Bases: MrXing's Retreat Farm (Utterly Destroyed), Nitisor Hills (Former), Equilibrium Complex (In Progress)

MrXing is a player who joined the server on April 12th, 2019. Upon initially joining, he was met with the threat of the clan known as The Fellowship. He ran from Spawn and made his way to a small island, where he set up a farm, evading TheOnlySlash's attempts to troll him. He then met up with the players Tomio64 and willrugby_12, and they founded the town know as Nitisor Hills, living there until it was greifed and raided by an unknown player. MrXing is now currently expressing interest in a long term base, planning to travel vast distances from spawn to make a base in which he and his potential allies shall reside. After befriending and discussing with Jtov (on December 30th 2019), this dream of his may come true in the near future.


MrXing joined Cheese on the 7th of July 2019, alongside Melonhi (Founder), talksalot011 (Leader), Lord1, Antzakes1 and Diedie228. The group was 're-founded' on this date after talksalot011 mentioned 'Cheese' in chat and MrXing followed suit. As of December 2019, he is no longer a part of this autistic group. He had also committed himself to the group, Church Of Fluz, but later left due to his shift in allegiance.

TheOnlySlash later converted MrXing to SEX TOMATO on the 12th of January 2020. MrXing fell prey to TheOnlySlash's violent propaganda, which explains his recent cult-like behaviour on the server.

Equilibrium Complex

MrXing will be building this colossal base with the help of Jtov.


As specially requested by TheOnlySlash (and clipchip himself), MrXing is now a SimPvP-famous model for #GetClipAGirlfriend T-Shirts, visit his website for more information.