Server Party at Quinsigamond

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Server Party at Quinsigamond
Name: Server Party at Quinsigamond

Date: Thursday, November 1st, 2018 at 3:00 P.M. EST

Location: Quinsigamond
Coords: x: 22245 z: 2496
Members: Listed in the "Guest List" Section

On Thursday, November 1st, 2018 at 3:00 P.M. EST, ostrich1414 hosted what he called the "Server Party at Quinsigamond". This became the first major organized party on SimPvP since the S.S. Snow Pot Princess in 2012, and, much like its predecessor, ended in destruction. The Server Party saw the arrival of many guests to the Mushroom Island city of Quinsigamond, which had just recently been opened to the public.


To see highlights from the party in action, click this link:

Guest List

This is a list of all of the guests who attended the Server Party at Quinsigamond:


Background Information

Before the party began, ostrich1414 had wanted to make his base Quinsigamond open to the public as he no longer had a need to maintain it or a use for it; it had become more of a landmark open to tourists than a self-sufficient base. Despite allowing more people to visit the city over the year-and-a-half he had maintained the base, it still remained private. However, by mid-October 2018, ostrich1414 had an idea to host a large server party there, and began planning its inception.

Pippenger, ostrich1414's ally, had planned to temporarily "leave" SimPvP for a bit, so he informally referred to the planned party as his "going-away party". Ostrich1414, also planning to play less, used this as an excuse to host a party as well. Nevertheless, by October 29th, ostrich1414 had created in-game invitations, which he passed out to various players in /world, inviting them to join his party. The set date and time for the party was Thursday, November 1st, 2018 at 3:00 P.M. Eastern Standard Time. Included in the invitation were rules for the party (very few indeed), coordinates to Quinsigamond, and a general summary of information.

As the day of the party quickly approached, ostrich1414 was constantly warned about the occurrence of a bloodbath, or even Quinsigamond's destruction, but, as he knew this would happen eventually due to its close proximity to Spawn and the large amount of players who had its coordinates, he was not too worried about this. He eventually made a forum post advertising the party, shown here: [1].

The Party Begins

On the day of the party, November 1st, ostrich1414, UltraOrc and pippenger's alt, The_Fulgurator, were the first to arrive at Quinsigamond. They began to prepare the city for the guests as they decorated it, filling it with cake, sea lanterns and food, even producing fireworks for the occasion. One example of the set up is shown below, a cake pyramid constructed by ostrich1414 and dariepearjuicy:


One player, PhamtomGuy, arrived at Quinsigamond a few minutes before the party, but left shortly afterwards. Soon, more guests began to arrive, including Azdin, clipchip, dariepearjuicy and JavelinFury (who was being controlled by dariepearjuicy since the real JavelinFury had "work"). Each player was handed fireworks, which were flown through the air, producing beautiful, colorful explosions. The server's admin, Yukarion, also arrived, via teleportation, and despite everybody trying to, he was unable to be killed.

The group began to work together on a redstone firework system, attaching the machine along one of Quinsigamond's bridges so they could watch fireworks being launched into the air at night. Though it was successfully created and worked well, it was used very infrequently.

Hazing The_Fulgurator

The_Fulgurator, who had been AFK the entire time on a rooftop, became the subject of the party when the guests decided to take him down and bring him somewhere else. After ostrich1414 pushed him onto a bed, the guests helped push him along the roads, up onto the bridge where the firework system was.

SPQ4.png SPQ5.png Messing with pip.png

By this point, MutualistManiac had arrived at the party, as did Sellout9. The players continued pushing around The_Fulgurator's AFK body, and dariepearjuicy eventually pushed him next to a sign by the coast that said "i peed in this lake". The_Fulgurator was then pushed into the ocean by Sellout9, and while he was beginning to drown after being submerged underwater, he was swiftly killed by him - thus, the climax of the party began. It was at this point when UltraOrc secretly discovered that an attack was going to arise; as he explained it, "while I could have saved lives, I chose to warn the devil...I told clipchip."

The Server Party Massacre

Upon the first death of the party, with The_Fulgurator disappearing immediately, b9b9 joined, and was the last guest to arrive. However, the atmosphere of the party changed immediately, from friendly to hostile: clipchip launched potions of invisibility at everyone, and the chaos began. Arrows were being shot at people as swords were being slashed, and since everyone was invisible, nobody knew who was attacking who. Some of the players who did not have armor on were the first to die, including MutualistManiac and JavelinFury; however, all of these players were killed by Sellout9, who continued mercilesly slaughtering people.

Eventually, some of the armored players were killed, including dariepearjuicy and UltraOrc, and the chaos really began to soar. Players were attacking each other both on ground and in air, and the cityscape of Quinsigamond became a battlefield instantaneously. Clipchip, Sellout9 and b9b9 began attacking each other relentlessly, with ostrich1414 joining in infrequently; Yukarion, who had made an outpost at the top of the INDIGO011 Memorial Observatory, was repeatedly shot and killed.

Ostrich1414, who was on the roof of a building opening up an ender chest, was eventually killed and blown up by b9b9 using an ender crystal; b9b9 was later killed by clipchip. However, when ostrich1414 returned to Quinsigamond, clipchip and Sellout9 were engaing in an aerial battle, and soon another player arrived - UltraOrc.

The Blitzkrieg of Quinsigamond

UltraOrc, who had returned to Quinsigamond dressed in better gear and armed with weapons, arrived with a desire to kill the main attackers. By this point in the party, UltraOrc, Sellout9 and clipchip were engaged in an intense aerial battle via elytra. The three players, fighting in air and on ground, began to destroy some parts of the city, including the towers and streets.

B9b9 rejoined once again, this time equipped with better gear and weapons. Explosives such as TNT and ender crystals were being used much more regularly, and Quinsigamond began to resemble more of a war zone than the serene memorial city it once was:

SPQ7.png SPQ9.png SPQ11.png

Yukarion and ostrich1414, sitting atop the tower in Yukarion's makeshift hideout, were killed once again as the tower was bombed, and ostrich1414 remained at spawn this time, where he AFK'd. However, the fight continued, and the destruction of Quinsigamond only intensified.

All the while, dariepearjuicy, who had returned to Quinsigamond, was being pursued by MutualistManiac; MutualistManiac chased him for approxiamtely five minutes, before dariepearjuicy committed suicide.


The Cool-Down

B9b9, who was attempting to escape from Quinsigamond, ran over to the portal to spawn; however, clipchip caught wind of this, and immediately pursued him. Just as b9b9 entered the portal on the spawn side, clipchip attacked him, blowing him up. Afterwards, b9b9 and clipchip both withdrew from the battle, but it was not yet over.

Dariepearjuicy followed Sellout8, Sellout9's alt, into the End, where he began screaming in anger and despair, unable to find a portal. DakkaDok became the target of Sellout8's anger, and by this point, the battle was wearing thin.

The Server Party at Quinsigamond officially ended around 4:30 EST that day, and although it ended in many deaths, lost gear, and the destruction of some parts of Quinsigamond, it was enjoyed by many of its guests and has been remembered as one of the craziest moments in SimPvP history.