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Ingame name: CallsighRaine
Status: Active
First joined: February 4th, 2019

Location: OwO

Bases: Quinsigamond, Florestria, New Bapadia, Yittrium, Singolinya

SkykirryChycho (currently known as CallsighRaine) is a player who joined the server on February 4th, 2019. She is well-known for being an artist, having drawn several SimPvP-related pieces of artwork. Furthermore, SkykirryChycho has been heavily involved with many of ostrich1414's projects, most notable being the co-founder of Florestria.


SkykirryChycho (currently known as CallsighRaine) is a player who joined the server on February 4th, 2019. Upon joining, she was brought to Quinsigamond by ostrich1414, where she contributed greatly by repairing the damage that plagued the city. After fixing the massive crater that was left after the Server Party at Quinsigamond, SkykirryChycho built her own house off of the shore of the city, making it the first building built in Quinsigamond since May 2017.

On February 20th, 2019, SkykirryChycho left Quinsigamond to found the new base Florestria with ostrich1414. Florestria is a small lake community located in a flower forest, and features a unique beach house design created by SkykirryChycho herself.

In mid-March 2019, while the two were mining in a cave system together, ostrich1414 mined stone from underneath SkykirryChycho, accidentally pushing her into lava below. Ostrich1414 apologized to her profusely, but she never accepted; he was forced to pay her $15,000.00 USD in reparations. To this day, she still reminds him of the incident, destroying his self-worth.

After Florestria was abandoned in May 2019, SkykirryChycho temporarily lived at New Bapadia before she permanently moved alongside Florestria's other members to a new city, Yittrium. Here, she began work on a treehouse, as well as slowly building up her army of dogs and cats. While SkykirryChycho would not be as active at Yittrium as her previous city, she still assisted other players in work around the city.

Eventually, SkykirryChycho would take a short break from Yittrium and establish an island base nearby, known as Singolinya. Unfortunately, on September 12th, 2019, this base would be griefed by lava and was thus promptly abandoned afterwards. SkykirryChyho returned to Yittrium; although she was saddened, she continued work at the city, helping ostrich1414 build a strip club and a shipyard.

SkykirryChycho would soon become allied with Antzakes1, joining him at one of his bases temporarily. He taught her how to PvP, a lesson which would soon be put into use during The Holy Wilbur-Francis War in late October 2019. SkykirryChycho became a member of The Order of Wilbur and fought alongside the Wilburian Army, taking part in notable battles such as the Battle of Andromeda. She also assisted ostrich1414 in bombing a Church of Francis temple.


List of Names

SkykirryChycho has had many Minecraft usernames over 2019, which can get confusing. Here they are in the order she had them:

  • SkykirryChycho
  • ReaganKindred
  • Scythecho
  • CallsighRaine