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Ingame name: AntiFreezeFluid
Status: Active
First joined: April 26th, 2020

Location: Boston, Massachusetts

Clans: New League (Former), The Order of Wilbur (Current)
Bases: Lynn, Quabbin

AntiFreezeFluid is a player who joined the server on April 26th, 2020. AntiFreezeFluid is a real life friend of ostrich1414, who joined the server at his request. Although ostrich1414 used the account between April and May 2020, it was later returned to the real AntiFreezeFluid, who began working on a modest solo base, known as Lynn, comprised of several farms and buildings. He was soon invited to join the city Quabbin on January 5th, 2021.


Time in the New League

On April 26th, 2020, AntiFreezeFluid first joined the server...but he was controlled by ostrich1414. At the time, ostrich1414 was invested in a brand-new team, the New League, which was a modified sequel of The League. As the team was very secretive and low-key, ostrich1414 needed a new secret alt account, but refused to spend another $26 to buy one. Thus, he asked his real life friend for one of his alt accounts, AntiFreezeFluid, and used it on SimPvP.

On AntiFreezeFluid, ostrich1414 helped Porkington and DiGGing4Gold build New Oberstein, a large spawn base also serving as a direct sequel to one of the League's most famous bases (Oberstein). However, by May, New Oberstein's progress would slowly stagnate as the New League entered a period of inactivity, so the AntiFreezeFluid account became of little use for ostrich1414 anymore.

New Oberstein.png

Will the Real AntiFreezeFluid Please Stand Up?

Sometime in late August 2020, the real AntiFreezeFluid joined on his account at ostrich1414's request. After logging into New Oberstein, already fully geared and fitted, AntiFreezeFluid followed ostrich1414 a couple million blocks out, and the two set out to establish a new base. AntiFreezeFluid eventually settled on a small swamp biome bordered by extreme hills, where he began to build farms. These farms include a gunpowder farm, sugar cane farm, cactus farm, mob farm, and an in-progress totem farm. Known as "Lynn", this base became the sole focus of AntiFreezeFluid for the remainder of 2020.

(Short) Life in Quabbin

On January 5th, 2021, AntiFreezeFluid was invited to join Quabbin, the main base of ostrich1414. The city had been flourishing up until AntiFreezeFluid's arrival, having transformed into a sprawling megacity with skyscrapers, shops, and museums. Unfortunately, AntiFreezeFluid's stay at Quabbin would be short-lived: upon the end of The Imperial War, the city was receiving major threats to its security, forcing many of its members to abandon the base in fear that it may be greifed or raided by coordinate holders. As such, AntiFreezeFluid was never truly able to experience life in Quabbin, nor build there, and followed suit with the other members by abandoning the city in February 2021.

Quabbin February 6 I.png