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Name: Belgium

Status: Under Construction

Formed: September, 2019

Coords: In Hitler's way
Members: Korijenkins, HedgehogMind, 2b2tard, TheOnlySlash, Ostrich1414
Clans: North Koria (Clan)

Belgium is a large underground base that is currently being built by Korijenkins and HedgehogMind. Unlike Further North Koria, which is just a small serene bunker no more than a hundred blocks wide, Belgium is a sprawling underground hellscape, with more room for farms, storage, and expansion. Once completed, it is intended to replace Further North Koria as the main base of North Koria (Clan)


Early Struggles

Construction began on Belgium in September of 2019 after Korijenkins decided to abandon Oasis (Unfinished base). Development of the base was incredibly slow, as there was a huge amount of stone and lava that needed to be gradually cleared out. In contrast to the white, clean style of Further North Koria, Belgium is a representation of hell, with floors of lava, walls of netherbrick and obsidian, and large pillars of flowing magma running throughout the base. Within a few weeks, an entryway into the base had been constructed, and work on the main hall began.

On October 11th, Korijenkins managed to capture and name a bat, Brece. The bat eventually became one of Belgium's permanent residents.

Development of Belgium continued at an absolute crawl, as Further North Koria was still a very productive location.

A Functioning Base

By December the gold farm was finally functional, and with its completion, further development of the base was expedited. A large digging machine was built, traveling hundreds of blocks down one of the base's many tunnels. A slime farm was built. Each new farm that was built in Belgium increased the desire for both Korijenkins and HedgehogMind to complete the base. By mid January, a villager breeder was added, allowing Belgium to mass produce librarians with good trades. The same day the villager breeder was completed, a zero-tick sugarcane farm was installed, allowing the base to produce up to 16,000 sugarcane per hour.