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Name: Estevez
Alts: Vez
Status: Semi-Active

Formed: October 2017

Members: ostrich1414, Porkington, Master_Xybot, Cinnablaw

Estevez, or "Vez" for short, is a massive underground base founded by Porkington, ostrich1414, and Master_Xybot in October 2017. Having been the first major build for the co-founders' team, The League, Estevez consists of a large, complex web of underground rooms and tunnels connecting each other, putting a primary focus on beauty and grandeur as well as functionality and self-sufficiency. Estevez itself is completely closed-off from the outside world, and its intricate network of tunnels, rooms, and halls continue to grow each day.


Going their Own Way

Shortly after the War of Monarchia from September 27th, 2017 - October 6th, 2017 and the collapse of the United Alliance, former UA members Porkington and ostrich1414 used the event to secretly carry out plans they had for a new base. Prior to the war, the two grew wary of the UA's future, and ostrich1414 was beginning to tire as its leader. Using growing tensions with clipchip as a pretext, resulting in the UA's collapse, the pair eventually went their own ways to develop this new base in secret: a large underground complex which would remain self-sufficient.

After choosing a location, the pair began by constructing a massive underground dome, supported by stone brick columns. Modeled after a previous smaller dome built by Porkington, the dome's size surpassed their initial expectations, and this inspired them to attempt even larger structures. As the dome neared completion, the two eventually recruited fellow ally and former UA member Master_Xybot to come and help them at the dome, and very soon it was finished by all three players.

The Birth of Estevez

As work on the dome finished off, Porkington decided on the name "Estevez" for the impending base; more commonly, it was referred to as "Vez" for short. The three then began focusing on utilities and functionality, creating various underground farms to assist with their team's growth and to assure that Estevez would remain a self-sufficient base. With these new farms, Estevez grew significantly in size: soon, grand halls and intricate foyers were constructed within the complex, and many smaller tunnels helped to connect the rooms together and allow for easier accessibility and transportation.

By this time, in November 2017, Estevez was no longer just a dome, but a series of underground networks and halls, marked with beautiful chambers within it. As Estevez developed, all three members evolved into taking different jobs: Porkington began constructing other smaller domes and halls, Master_Xybot worked on automatic farms and mechanical utilities, and ostrich1414 worked on storage solutions and progression.

The Cool-Down

Eventually, by December 2017, Estevez experienced a small cool-down as work decreased and the members shifted focus towards other areas of the team's goals. Ostrich1414 and Porkington began working heavily on villager farms at their other major base, Struthio, as well as beginning work on the Hall of Vatlos. Spawn affairs became important as well, and Porkington, using his alt not_pippenger, focused on recruiting new players and bringing them to the team's recruitment center, Grasstle. Master_Xybot would typically stay back at Estevez, however, and much of the growth of the base during this period was due to him.

In early January of 2018, the three invited fellow ally Cinnablaw to Estevez, where she would begin working as a new member of the team. Shortly after, despite being nameless for almost three months, the team chose the name The League, and formally announced it to the server, adorning Estevez with the team's signature banners and memorabilia.

The League Disbands

Shortly after the public announcement of the League, the team became embroiled in a series of large-scale tensions with a rival team, The Conspiracy; this, as well as a general sense of completion, led Estevez to be largely abandoned, or at the very least, put on "indefinite hiatus". Early-to-mid 2018 saw the peak and conclusion of The Cold War, as well as ostrich1414 and Master_Xybot's extended hiatuses from the server. This led the base to further be neglected, and although much of it was complete, there were still many rooms, tunnels and farms that were clearly unfinished.

On September 28th, 2018, ostrich1414 officially announced his departure from the League. The team had been very stagnant over the months following the Cold War, with none of its main players focusing on League-related endeavors: Porkington was busy on other servers, ostrich1414 was working on revitalizing Struthio, and Master_Xybot had been inactive since earlier that year. Coupled with the fact that the League's influence was nowhere to be found and the team was largely irrelevant, the League officially disbanded that same day. Despite this, Estevez continued to remain untouched and undiscovered, a monument to the League's short-lived, albeit influential history. Although it would still be used by ostrich1414 occasionally, the base's other two members would rarely access it.


Here are some pictures of Estevez, including the many distinct and unique halls and rooms it contains:

Estevez1.png Estevez2.png Estevez3.png Estevez4.png Estevez5.png Estevez6.png Estevez7.png Estevez8.png Estevez9.png