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Ingame name: 4Pilot
Status: Active
First joined: April 18th, 2020

Clans: The Republic (Former), GS Trading Co. (Current)
Bases: Sternenfall Nochmal, Barrier Town, The North Pole

4Pilot is a player who joined SimPvP on April 18th, 2020. They are most known for being a member of GS Trading Co. and for their public spawn repairs, as well as their affinity for base hunting and exploration. 4Pilot is also a skilled farms expert and redstone mechanic. Originally migrating from 2b2t, 4Pilot and his GS Trading Co. allies would quickly become one of the dominating forces of the latter half of 2020.


4Pilot joined the server on April 18th, 2020, becoming the first member of GS Trading Co. to join SimPvP, with the other members arriving soon after. Much of June and July for 4Pilot would be spent at spawn, where he engaged in several repair projects in the region. The Republic, one of the major teams at the time, took notice of 4Pilot's public works initiatives and recruited him, giving him the rank of "Aedile". Under this rank, 4Pilot would head two major spawn repair projects: repairing the spawn highways, and repairing the public end portal base.

The Spawn Highway Project, officially known by the Republic as the "Via Project", saw 4Pilot and others repair the poorly-maintained and often griefed spawn highways on each of the four cardinal directions heading away from spawn. This including installing new obsidian and cobblestone roads, and repairing much of the areas surrounding these roads. This project was a huge success, continuing throughout much of June and some of July.

Via Project 1.png Via Project 4.png

4Pilot's second major spawn project under the Republic would be the repair of the main end portal and the cobblestone pyramid surrounding it. Together with ostrich1414 and Zepheron, much of the end portal's surrounding room was fixed, and 4Pilot even added his own personal touch by clearing debris from the cobblestone pyramid and adding a statue of a chicken on top.

End Boys.png

By August 2020, GS Trading Co. would enter the Brunoland War of Independence between August 17th and August 30th, 2020. 4Pilot would be one of the few GS members to avoid the entire war, never engaging in any battles or griefs, and publicly admitting neutrality.

However, 4Pilot's major contribution in August (and a continuation of his work at spawn) would be the GS Trading Co. funded Sim Kast Removal Team (SKRT), a project working to clear the entire spawn area of lavacasts through TNT bombers and even manual digging. 4Pilot would become one of the heads of SKRT, alongside Gsmack, _Goujon_, and Redbaron1991. The project became an instant success, completely clearing spawn of all major lavacasts. 4Pilot added his own personal touch as well, creating a large fortress right outside the protected spawn zone.

SKRT Crew.png Revamped Spawn.png

Between August and September, SkullerG would pursue a journey to the world border via the nether, eventually reaching the world border on September 29th after millions of blocks of flying--although 4Pilot himself assisted by flying 125k blocks for SkullerG. The final border location was claimed by GS Trading Co., known as "The North Pole".

Between September and November 2020, 4Pilot would participate in several server events and parties. These included Barrier Town on September 14th, MoWobbler's Halloween Tomb Event at Yittrium on October 31st, and an end party, hosted by dariepearjuicy, on November 27th.

Barrier Town 1.png

Most of 4Pilot's time on SimPvP has been spent exploring the server and the many bases it has to offer. 4Pilot has a special affinity for base hunting, having discovered a plethora of bases, large and small, all throughout the server by following old chunk borders. If he isn't base hunting, 4Pilot spends a large majority of his time at GS Trading Co.'s main base, Sternenfall Nochmal, where he focuses on much of the group's farms and machinery. Some of his work (with help from other GS members) include the gunpowder farm, with farm, sheep farm, iron farm, and an auto-storage sorter.

GS Trading Co. Group Photo.png