Master Xybot

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Ingame name: Master_Xybot
Alts: SirTashingdon
Status: active
First joined: 3 January 2016

Clans: United Alliance (Former), The Royal Allegiance (Former), The League (Former)
Bases: Kinoko Shima, Monarchia, Estevez, Struthio, Segoria

One jump ahead of the breadline

Master Xybot is a player who joined the server in January 2016. After coming to the server, he moved to Tamarisk, then set off and built a small base on a mushroom island. He entered /world, and stole clipchip's drops after he was killed by Xestia in a pvp duel. Among these drops was clipchip's precious wither skeleton skull, Melvin.

Joining Forces

Xybot eventually allied himself with SirTashingdon, who sent Xybot on diplomatic missions to join other teams.

Xybot became a member of the United Alliance when SirTashingdon joined, and was seen around the capital city, Monarchia, contributing his work. While there, he returned Melvin to clipchip, another member of the UA as an unspoken treaty between the two.

While in the UA, Xybot worked alongside SirTashingdon frequently on many projects, including construction of Fort Mona, the UA's physical headquarters in Monarchia, and many other endeavors. After the UA was disbanded, Xybot continued to reside in Monarchia as a member a new team led by clipchip, The Royal Allegiance.

A league of their own

After the War of Monarchia, Xybot became skeptical of the stability of the RA, and sought a place to fall back on. As luck would have it, Porkington and Ostrich1414 had been thinking the same thing, and had begun work on Estevez, at the time a simple backup base. After joining, Xybot contributed to the new base, working to construct the farms that would make it self sufficient. Once this was achieved, he worked on producing materials to supply the as yet unnamed team's ventures.

In January 2018, the group decided to formally announce their existence, and Xybot became one of the founding members of The League, aiding in the establishment of the outpost Struthio . Xybot spent most of his time in 2018 expanding Estevez, rarely venturing from the underground complex.

The big sleep

In February 2019, Xybot returned to the server after a long hiatus, having missed a year's worth of server history, including the conclusion of The Cold War The League's disbanding. He was pleased to see that Struthio had grown into a large city state with its own colonies and many residents, and left Estevez to become part of the team. At Struthio, Xybot built a series of island settlements with a lore connecting them. Once Struthio was discovered, he fled with the other members to Segoria, where he built a pub and not much else