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Every base Gem_Productions (Larp1) has found or been given is included on this list except for places promised not to leak or bases actively being expanded (you're safe for now gfc). This list does not include any bases already public on the wiki and starts with bases farther out than a 5k radius of spawn due to the constantly changing terrain within. Lastly all these base coords are legitimate and can be considered public domain so enjoy them while they last.


1. Gone

2. Crater plus a few floating blocks

3. Heavily griefed

4. Griefed

5. Partially griefed

6. Mostly ungriefed

7. Chests and farms raided, buildings intact

8. Chests raided, buildings and farms intact

9. Abandoned, some to most items still remain

10. Untouched

^ - Still has a lot of loot in chests despite being griefed

? - Current status unknown

UNK - Base name unknown, please add the name if you know the coords

Mega Bases

Giant Base

Large Bases

Medium Bases

Small Bases

Tiny Bases

Lastly if you want revenge for me doing this here are some free coords to what I have worked on