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Newbase Oneword
Name: Newbase Oneword

Status: Leaked, griefed and abandoned

Formed: November 2019
Abandoned: 9th Feb 2020

Members: Tenced, Haileymc2000, LexiTheLlama, iPyxis, Lord1, SaluutSFR, cheesy_chips22

Oneword (formally 'Newbase Oneword') is a medieval kingdom style base founded by Tenced, Lord1 and iPyxis in early November 2019.


Formed in early November after the fall of Francistan, this base was aimed to be a medieval style kingdom with the first builds being ancient style Japanese bridges and houses by Lord.


The Sleepy Slut Inn

The Sleepy Slut Inn is a inn based along the river at Oneword atop a mountain which all customers have to feat before they can purchase beverages. This is the only inn in Oneword as of February 2020.

The Murder of Steven

The Sleepy Slut Inn had one local customer that wouldn't leave, until one day he was MURDERED. A investigation has gone into his murder but no leads so far.


on the 28th of January, Lord1 and cheesy have a mighty duel lasting for many minutes... it stretches across the base until the final blow was struck on cheesy and he fell.

The Betrayal of Oneword

on the 9th of Feb 2020, Antzakes found out that Zepheron knew the coords and had access to Oneword and shortly after told Lord, who then completely evacuated the base and broke all portals. It was later found out that Cheesy_chips22 leaked the coords of Oneword to Zeph and that Zeph manipulated Cheesy into giving the coords up.

On the 10th of Feb 2020, Tenced, Lord, iPyxis, ostrich1414, CrackyJoe and SaluutSFR griefed Oneword.

Tour and grief: [1]