2nd Hispanic Panic

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The Second Hispanic Panic
Name: The Second Hispanic Panic

Status: Active

Formed: May 5th, 2020

Location: Spawn

Clans: Bloc for Clans, Liga Hispana, Noble Team

On the 5th of May 2020, a large Spanish youtuber made a social media post about SimPvP, causing a lot of Spanish players to join causing a huge spawn party/operation killing/helping the Spanish immigrants depending on what side you took.


Manical_Luck, an alt of ADGcraft was first to spot the many new Spanish speaking players to which he then told Lord1 to come to spawn to help. After hearing this Lord pinged the Bloc for Clans discord to arrange a task force to halt the spread of the Spanish immigrants.

Meanwhile, VetoTheNeato had been planning a disaster control response for weeks, and quickly arranged a team to stop the new players at spawn. This team would be known as "Noble Team", and would be a significant force in the coming conflict. They arrived shortly after BC. Veto was already at spawn, as he had logged out whilst traveling between bases.

Some of the first responders included DILLIGAFA, James8DB, iPyxis, SaluutSFR, Tenced, Ostrich1414, VetoTheNeato aswell as a few others.

For a hour or two, the members of Veto's team, BC members and the others helping contain the spanish were un-opposed. Despite disagreeing with each other, besides some small isolated incidents, the teams were not hostile. Then, Willowienal showed up and started tearing down the spawn wall. Lord1 and iPyxis attempted to attack willow but were unsuccessful. Soon after, more and more people decided to help the Spanish and even formed a group dedicated to helping them escape called the 'Liga Hispana' translated to the 'Hispanic League'. The founder of the Liga Hispana, AntHand killed Tinsz which sent him into controversy in the BC as Tinsz was a BC member, a battle occurred between multiple BC members and Anthand outside of spawn but ended with no casualties other than Anthands totem popping from Lord1's crystal. AntHand was put on trial but later taken off after he gave Tinsz's stuff back.

The main suspect of creating the post about SimPvP was a player called MrDavid99 who was escorted out of spawn by VetoTheNeato and Jocosoman as part of their plan. They brought him 17k blocks from spawn and bedtrapped him. Veto later made this video recounting his experiences; https://youtu.be/YEzWhfLS0YU. After spending hours in the bedtrap, whilst talking to TheOnlySlash, another member of Veto's team, David said he wasn't going to make a video. This was the beginning of the end for the second hispanic panic. Later on in the night, the BC found his location and performed a raid on his location. Lord1, Cutman, NeutralistNoodle and iPyxis whilst crouching dug through the top of his roof whilst he was mining obsidian, when he saw the 4 people drop through his roof he logged out and the BC Peacekeepers killed his skeleton and bombed his base.

Most of the 5th of May included chasing Spaniards out of spawn and killing them with the occasional raid on their spawn bases. Soon some Dominion members came to spawn including clipchip, TheOnlySlash (both naked) and 2b2tard who was geared and tearing down the spawn wall. At one point a brief fight broke out between Lord1 and Slash after Lord attacked him, Slash quickly crystalled Lord out of self defence.

On May 6th-7th, skirmishes getting more intense as multiple pro-spanish geared players give the new spanish players gear and end crystals, killing multiple anti-spanish players at spawn.

After a spy infiltration, Lord1, MrCramYT, SaluutSFR and Cutman get coords to the main spanish players base 30k from spawn and raid it, massacring many of its inhabitants that were online and blowing up their bunker. raid video