Sternenfall Nochmal

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Sternenfall Nochmal
Name: Sternenfall Nochmal

Status: Active

Formed: June 30th, 2020

Members: SkullerG, Gsmack, 4Pilot, _Goujon_, Redbaron1991, iLxgend, ZedZeppelin, SenorJeb, MoWobbler, ostrich1414, _Courier6_, jetsboy2011
Clans: GS Trading Co.

Sternenfall Nochmal is a city founded by SkullerG and Gsmack with the intention of serving as the home base of operations for GS Trading Co. The primary purpose of this base is to organize the team's ultra-powered farms and vast wealth in a central, collectivized area. There also exists numerous aesthetic and residential builds that cater to the members' architectural talents.

Not much is known about the base to the public. A majority of info is held in secret with its members and the SimPvP Admin Team. The base takes security extremely seriously.

The base currently has 12 members, with some being inactive, but houses many farms that have never been seen before.

Sternenfall Nochmal has two rules: you must hack, and you must lag the server.

No screenshots of the base have been published anywhere besides two.