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Player (OP)
Ingame name: MisterStrawman
Alts: 12YearOldAdmin, Angr, *PeanutSniper,
Status: Active
First joined: April 13, 2012

Location: The Capital, Andromeda
Coords: -310222, 72, 186150

Mister Strawman is a longtime player and OP on the server, and one of its most dedicated builders. He is best known as the leader and chief architect of bases such as Valhalla, Andromeda and The Capital.

Enderman Farm

In the summer of 2012, MisterStrawman built a large enderman farm in The End, casually known as Strawman's Endermen Grinder. It was the fastest source of ender pearls on the server, as well as the fastest source of experience points.

Several players came to use his farm, and this is how Strawman began building a network of allies on the server.


In late 2012, or perhaps very early 2013, Strawman formed the massive base Valhalla, along with DakkaDok, Deflowvesper, Infam0us, Skaterhan1, and IMMERONE. Many of these players had become allies at the Enderman farm.

It quickly became one of the largest, richest, and best-known bases on the server.

Unfortunately, it was griefed and abandoned in May 2013.


After the destruction of Valhalla, Strawman largely stopped playing on the server. For several years, he did not log in frequently and temporarily lost his status as an admin.


On July 4, 2015, approximately two years after the fall of Valhalla, Strawman returned to the server. On September 1, 2015, MisterStrawman became an admin again.

The Capital

Shortly after his return, Strawman began building a new city, loosely based on the fallen Valhalla. Still lacking an official name, it has been informally referred to as New Valhalla, or the Capital of SimPvP. Hosting several very large structures, the Capital is currently one of the largest cities on the server, next to Ascaris. Strawman later invited assas170, kfTENva, Sykez420, jamesged, DeflowVesper, Senator_Bix, and Capnruch to reside in the city.

Other Projects

After several months of rapid progress, activity at the Capital largely slowed down, and most residents became inactive. Strawman began work on several side projects while sending alts to join other teams. Angr has joined CreaPat's team at Creadise, and 12YearOldAdmin has joined clipchip's team at Trump City. Additionally, Strawman began solo work on a base in The End, to which he plans to invite people one day. This city is comprised of the largest contiguous structure built on the server so far, at 419x419x255. This base is known as Andromeda.

After his fallback desert castle base was discovered by doopqoob, Strawman decided to also create a new fallback city much further from spawn, containing his vault of resources, which he moved from another location.

New Events

Shortly after joining clipchip's team, clipchip discovered Strawman's enderman farm, and consequently his portal network, which led to pretty much all of his bases, given that one can actually navigate the portal network without getting lost. This led to a sort of merger of Strawman's area with clipchip and JavelinFury's new The Vault, Golden Sun, and other connected bases. Although Strawman mostly continued to work on solo projects, the team, which Javelin apparently named The Conspiracy, but might also be referred to as The Anime Club, helps each other with resources and general advice on their projects. Other bases with which MisterStrawman has worked on or been affiliated with during this time include the Hedge Maze and Java Linsghey.

On March 11, 2019, MisterStrawman recovered the server after the 7-hour-long Great Dragon Crash.