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Riverwood February 26 II.png
Name: Riverwood

Status: Griefed

Formed: February 15th, 2021
Abandoned: June 29th, 2021

Coords: x: -27470, z: -12444
Members: Listed in the "Members" Section
Clans: The Order of Wilbur, Holy States of Francis

Riverwood was a base founded by ostrich1414 on February 15th, 2021. Located in a forest biome along the edge of a small pond, Riverwood was established with the purpose of bringing numerous new players from spawn and having them work and build together as a community. As such, Riverwood was composed of several different architectural styles, most notably Imperial Architecture, as well as rustic wooden cabins and underground bunkers. Riverwood served primarily as a recruitment center for new players, gauging their potential.

Shortly after its founding, Riverwood also became a joint peace project between the Holy States of Francis and The Order of Wilbur, using it as an opportunity to both mend and strengthen their relationship as well as emphasizing harmony and unity to a future generation of players. The town had both Francillian and Wilburian temples, and was open to both religious practices.

On June 29th, 2021, YeeterMyPeeter severely griefed the now-abandoned Riverwood after talksalot011 gifted them the coordinates, only a few days after being taken there by ostrich1414.


Established Members:

Residential Recruits:

  • YeetingDingas
  • Cheezychonks_b
  • Lightphone
  • haydenn0
  • EightStreet
  • MemeThief69
  • NexusTerror
  • InstantFAiL
  • SuyuriSSeoung
  • plusandminus
  • Guts_96
  • Fedoraclay
  • ChimkinBoi
  • iDenyMyIdentity
  • daMonk3yKing



On February 15th, 2021, ostrich1414 had the idea to establish a small base to recruit new players on the server, as a way to foster their growth and potential. He had done this type of recruitment before, most notably at bases like Grasstle and Florestria. However, for this town, ostrich1414 would emphasize the quantity of members, bringing as many new players to the base as possible in the hopes that a loyal few would remain.

Settling on the mouth of a river-fed pond in a forest biome, ostrich1414 invited the first three members: YeetingDingas, Cheezychonks_b, and Lightphone. The four set to work immediately, clearing the trees as temporary housing was built and ostrich1414 constructed the first tower. Soon, within the next few days, ostrich1414 began inviting more and more players. By February 21st, there were a total of 12 new players at the base.

Riverwood Recruits 1.png Riverwood Recruits 2.png

One of these new recruits, EightStreet, suggested the name "Riverwood" for the town; the name stuck and the town of Riverwood began to flourish, with numerous buildings being constructed. Aside from ostrich1414's Imperial Architecture-inspired buildings, some notable creations were EightStreet's house, InstantFAiL's dragon skull, and SuyuriSSeoung's boat dock. Ostrich1414 had also invited two established allies of his, SkullerG and 4Pilot, to aid in administering the base as well as supplying it with materials. Slowly but surely, ostrich1414's goal for a new player recruitment base was growing successfully.

Riverwood Recruits 3.png Riverwood February 21.png

Rapid Growth

By late February, Riverwood's growth and expansion was skyrocketing drastically. As more and more new players joined the town, ostrich1414 also invited fellow established players Lord1 and MoWobbler to assist in the town's activities. With Lord1 specifically, ostrich1414 had a plan for the budding project: after years of rivalry, tension, war, and strife between the Holy States of Francis and The Order of Wilbur (Lord1 and ostrich1414's teams respectively), Riverwood would become a joint venture for the two religious organizations to administer together, in peace. Thus, the first ever Francillian-Wilburian joint base was established, with the goal of prospering a new era of harmony between the two troubled clans in full force. The two also used this opportunity to foster qualities of community and unity within the new players.

Riverwood Lumber Mill Work.png

Riverwood also began to truly expand beyond its initial town lines by this time, with many of the permanent residents constructing new houses and buildings. EightStreet created a covered bridge, plusandminus built a new house, SuyuriSSeoung tried his hand at Imperial Architecture, and even established players like Lord1 built a lumber mill while MoWobbler constructed the "MoBarn". Francillian and Wilburian temples were also constructed at the town, facing across from each other, and for the first time in history, respecting each others' privacy and presence. SkullerG returned to the base, creating a massive spiral monument in the center of the pond, and lighting the town with beacons. Truly, Riverwood was becoming a sight to behold.

Riverwood February 26 I.png Riverwood February 26 II.png

Vandalism Incident

ON February 26th, there was a minor incident in the town where Lord1 discovered Wilburian vandalism on and around his unfinished Francillian temple. With ostrich1414 both denying and denouncing this action, the culprit was never found--but it was suspected to be a Riverwood resident. Thus, Lord1, with help from an invisible xexc, placed Francillian banners and map arts not only on the Wilburian temple, but all throughout the town itself. Worried that this would result in another annexation or incident similar to The Sigil Conflict, ostrich1414 quickly removed the vandalism and called a town meeting.

Lord1 admitted that the action was a response all in good natured fun, and ostrich1414 denounced religious vandalism from both sides, explaining that the two factions were to come together in peace at this town. All of Riverwood's residents agreed to this, ensuring that the Holy States of Francis and the Order of Wilbur would retain peaceful relations and there would be no more escalation. After the meeting, a ceremonial gladiator fight was held in a makeshift arena outside of the town between its residents, uniting them stronger than ever.

Riverwood Town Meeting.png Riverwood Gang.png