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Name: Porkxit

Date: April 13th, 2019

Location: Struthio


On April 13th, 2019, Porkington left the city Struthio after griefing his build there, officially broke all diplomatic ties with all players and teams on SimPvP, and also resigned from his role as server promoter on reddit. This was the culmination of a long period of growing mental and emotional instability. The root cause was related to what Porkington perceived as a lack of respect for his accomplishments and contributions, and unfair treatment from players on SimPvP, for example:

  • Trying to get Porkington kicked out of the main channels of the official SimPvP discord server, even though the entire thing was Porkington's idea in the first place and he was the one who convinced DakkaDok to create it, and guided him in setting it up.
  • Refusing to upvote, or in some cases, actually downvoted Porkington's advertisements for the server on reddit, and constantly complaining about them. This is despite the fact that these advertisements massively increased player activity on the server and basically saved it from being dead. Ironically, many players who came to the server because of Porkington's advertisements would later join in on shit talking him, because people around here have no gratitude at all.
  • Constantly shit talking Porkington for extremely stupid reasons, such as that he doesn't like phantoms. This shit talk sometimes even came from members of Struthio, a town Porkington helped found.
  • Ignoring Porkington's ideas for the development of Struthio and in some cases griefing his roads. Even though the entire modern city of Struthio exists on land that Porkington originally settled and claimed for himself. People would even enter his house all the time without asking permission.
  • Not giving Porkington any credit for working harder than anyone else (except possibly ostrich1414 during months when Porkington was inactive) at maintaining the wiki, and creating various important pages such as Server History and later Current Events.
  • Generally treating Porkington like an idiot and a failure, despite the fact that he has been heavily involved with many of the most important bases on the server such as Ascaris, Tamarisk, Estevez, and as previously mentioned, Struthio.

Months after Porkxit, Porkington returned to SimPvP to help at the city Segoria, but he is still pretty mad at the SimPvP community in general, and especially people involved with the Struthio/Yittrium team and The Conspiracy.