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Ingame name: pippenger
Alts: not_pippenger, pippinger, AllSixSix, Porkington, Vast_Marcus, SenatorBix, bloystercultist
Status: Sexually Inactive
First joined: May 2013

Clans: Leader of The Empire and The Principate, member of The Order, United Alliance, and The Royal Allegiance, founding member of The League
Bases: Tamarisk, New Caladan, Ascaris, Aggersel, Virunum, and many more

Pippenger is a player who joined Simpvp in May 2013. Known as the former leader of the Empire, a prolific builder, and five-year consecutive winner of the Server's Handsomest Man Award. [citation needed]

He was also a founding member of the two largest cities on the server, Ascaris and Aggersel, and later became a non-founding but still significant member of major cities such as Struthio and Segoria. A master of disguise, Pippenger worked to create a system of alternate accounts that meant he was a member of most major clans at some point. He used his influence to pull together many factions into one, the Principate. This powerful clan collapsed after his departure from the server.

He later returned to the server to build peacefully. He now attempts to stay uninvolved in server politics and wars.



Pippenger invented a style known as Imperial Architecture, which has been common both at his own bases, as well as at bases inspired by his. Generally, it consists of stone brick walls with roofs made usually of either spruce planks or smooth stone, in a classical Greco-Roman aesthetic with many pillars, domes, and arches.

The style is meant to be relatively cheap and easy to build, but it also comes in more advanced and intricate variants, and is sometimes built with rarer materials than plain stone and wood.

Build Gallery

Below is a gallery of survival builds Pip took part in constructing, mostly but not entirely on SimPvP.

Player History

Noobin' it Up

Pippenger arrived on the server as a complete noob, without any experience on similar servers. He did not know that running and jumping caused starvation, or how /coords worked, or any other pieces of basic information required to survive on Simpvp. With determination and assistance from helpful players such as Eggthief, Pippenger was able to eek out a living a few hundred blocks from spawn.

Unclechain City


After perhaps a month of accomplishing nothing impressive, Pippenger was invited to assist Unclechain in the construction of a large modern city. Unclechain did the bulk of the work and built many large and impressive structures, while Pippenger, Xestia, and a few others players helped. The abandoned base was later stumbled upon by Ultra Badass, prompting him to start the "Discoveries" thread on the forums.


Cindisfarne Monastery and Caladan


After he forgot to reset his bed and was sent back to spawn, Pippenger teamed up with Cinnabars and traveled to the ocean, where they built the base Cindisfarne Monastery, a series of temples on a small island. Cinnabars left after only a few days, however, and Pippenger began constructing a large castle on a nearby island, called Caladan.


The Empire Begins


In August 2013, Pippenger founded a team known as the Empire or the Holy Pippenger Empire. For the first major base, the team used Caladan, the island castle. Many players came to live there and aid in construction, though some of their buildings were of low quality or did not fit the style of the base. This prompted Pip to publish the list of Building Codes mandating what could be constructed in the empire, which was unsurprisingly not a popular decision. Soon afterward, an unknown player betrayed the team and griefed the base, and the team scattered.


The Spawn Wars


For several months, the empire focused mostly on recruiting players and controlling territory near spawn. The fortresses Kudzu, Verdolaga, and Tamarisk were built during this period, named after resilient weeds. Tamarisk, above, was the principal base in this time. It was a period of constant war, betrayal, and destruction, and nothing impressive was accomplished.


New Caladan


In November, the senior members of the empire relocated to a distant island over 60k from spawn to create a capital city, New Caladan. Pippenger stayed behind to fight over spawn, but created an alt, Not_Pippenger, to go and lead the city. New Caladan was built in a highly specific style invented by Pippenger, and nobody else really enjoyed building in it or understood how. As a result, progress was very slow and Pippenger built the majority of the buildings himself, despite the large population of the city, which included at times such accomplished players as Deflowvesper and Morl0ck. By the start of 2014, progress had stopped. The city was nowhere near its intended size and was littered with ugly unfinished projects.


The Empire Falls


Over the next few months, Pippenger tried to keep the empire functioning by making it a republic and instituting democratic decisions, but by that point, it was too late, and few people still logged on regularly or made any attempt to help. The spawn colonies were also completely abandoned, in the hopes that a greater focus on the capital would finally allow it to thrive. By this point, Pippenger had given up all attempts at being emperor of a massive team and was simply trying to run one city, but it was a doomed effort. A player using the pseudonym "Horus" set the city ablaze, and the population scattered.

(A more detailed history of the empire can be found in the in-game books Empire's Rise and Empire's Fall, which can be purchased from Pippenger or another player at Ascaris or Aggersel. If you don't wanna buy the book you only get this shitty version though, sorry.)


Drecksloch, Noobtree, and Uinia


Pippenger went into a mild depression and built a really shitty underground base called Drecksloch, which means "dirty underground hole" in German. However, on his alt during this period he also built a few castles near spawn, the remains of which can still be seen today by anyone who enters the server. One castle, Uinia, is still intact, and it lies in a desert not far from spawn. Ostrich1414 and Cdnam5 helped as well. The small team, called the "Noobtree Foundation", also made efforts to help noobs and repair the spawn, and the effects of this and other movements are still visible today.




In early May 2014, close to exactly a year after first joining the server, Pippenger teamed up with Cinnabars again to build Ascaris, a massive stonebrick city in a style similar to New Caladan, but more carefully built and much larger. The city contains two large cathedrals, and the Simpvp Library, holding the largest collection of player-written books on the entire server. Much of the city was also built in the form of underwater ruins surrounding the inhabited sections. In total, the city has well over one hundred separate structures.

Planet Khamulio praised it as having "stunning architectural design" on the forums, and CrackyJoe agreed, saying that is "looks dope". According to the mods who visited, it is one of the largest bases ever created on the server. When Cinnabars stopped visiting Simpvp in September 2014, progress slowed considerably, and when Pippenger also stopped playing in May 2015, all work stopped. Work may be resumed someday, but it is unclear if and when that will be possible.


Brnt's Sky City


During this period, Pippenger used his alt to assist Brntrogdor in creating a flying city on a 100 diameter circular platform, encased by a huge dome of white glass. Brnt created the main structures of the city, and Pippenger helped by filling gaps in the town with buildings. Each house in the city was in a completely unique style, giving the city a vibrant, interesting appearance. Sadly, Brntrogdor left the server immediately after completion of the city, and it is not clear if he will ever return to create anything else.


Stonetown and the Tree Dome



Pippenger teamed up with Dariepearjuicy, Ostrich1414, and Unclechain, his first major partner, to create a grass dome with a diameter of around 100 blocks. The dome was then covered in trees, and the inside was filled with mycelium and giant mushrooms. The team lived in the nearby Stonetown, which was built in the same style as New Caladan and Ascaris.


Aggersel Iso1.png

In November 2014, Pippenger founded a new city called Aggersel. It was meant to correct the flaws of New Caladan by providing much more individual freedom to builders who constructed buildings there. Each member of the city was given a plot of land and almost complete control over it, leading to the creation of many large, inventive, and pleasant looking structures. Mr. Hole Digger built a semi-automatic wheat farm of over 5000 blocks there, and C4K3 built a slightly larger replica of Eden with some additions. Aggersel covers an area of roughly 400x400 meters but also includes underground tunnels and colonies outside of the town borders. The city is still under construction and shows promise of being a very successful base. When Pippenger left the server in May 2015, Capnruch became the new leader of the city.


In May 2015 Pippenger retired from playing on Simpvp. This retirement came slightly sooner than intended when his laptop died. Some work was left unfinished at Acaris, Aggersel, and the spawn he was helping to construct on the creative server. Someday Pippenger may return to the server to tie up unfinished business, but for the time being, he just hangs around on the wiki and forums and wastes time.

On November 14th, 2015, his computer was fixed and he came back to the server to finish work at his cities and help the new team The Principate - Or at least, that's what everyone thought.

The Facade

Pippenger had secretly created the alts AllSixSix and porkington, and used these to influence The Order during its formation. When the team fell unexpectedly, he used AllSixSix to create the Principate, and recruited SirTashingdon, revealing his true identity to him. Pork built Satawman temple, dedicated to the worship of the admin MisterStrawman, and constructed pork hall. AllSixSix's team grew, allying with new powerful players like OrionTheBuilder and Katrina47. All was well until late December 2015.

The War

Pippenger and SirTashingdon set off together to invade Quint's base, acting on pip's previous grudges. Tash built a small military base, while pip sent porkington to kill members of Quint's team and claim their base. This was a terrible mistake. Enraged, Quint reformed his team, naming it the Blue Orchid Cult. Pippenger set off to build a new spawn base with Tash and named it Argemone. While they were working on this city, Quint enacted his revenge. The BOC discovered and griefed Dakkadok's base, Nos Astra, which was allied with the principate and griefed it, causing Dakka to switch over to mostly using the creative server. Virunum was also discovered and griefed, and Pippenger worked on getting intel on the BOC's new base. He had a mole in their team, bloystercultist, who had been used to get the coords of Gregoria, and tried to get him back onto the team. The war effort continued, until the 25th of January.

The End?

On the 25th of January 2016, pip as Vast_Marcus posted on the forums, grilling el_andres, and a member of the BOC responded by posting an image of DATA REDACTED with Pippenger's face superimposed onto it. Things got ugly, the poster was threatened with banning, and Pippenger decided to leave the server forever as he no longer felt personally safe. He revealed all of his alts and has not been seen since. Many, especially the BOC, believed this to be just another act, saying that Pippenger would return someday, under a new name, and try to bring the server under his dominion once again.

The Return

During Pippenger's long absence, wild rumors circulated, and it was believed that he still had secret alts on the server. In actuality, however, he wasn't playing Minecraft at all and was living a regular well-adjusted life in the real world for about a year and a half.

This period came to an abrupt end in the summer of 2017, when Pippenger anticlimactically logged back in and promptly became addicted to Minecraft again.

The Remembrance and the United Alliance

For some time, Pippenger lived a simple life near spawn using his alt Porkington. He was convinced by Ostrich1414 to join his new team, The Remembrance, which was later renamed United Alliance.


Pippenger, as Porkington, traveled to the city Monarchia, where he built a small district of Imperial Architecture houses.

During this time, he also continued work on Ascaris using his alt Pippinger. By this point, Ascaris had become a sprawling metropolis.


Civil War, Clipii's Gang, and the Royal Allegiance

During the fall of 2017, Monarchia was plagued with civil unrest. The player Clipchip rebelled against Ostrich1414, forming a new team and trying to gain dominance over the city.

Unexpectedly, Pippenger joined in the rebellion and supported ClipChip in becoming the Chancellor. Pippenger became Lord of Tamarisk under Clip's new team, The Royal Allegiance.

Secret plans and the hall of Vatlos


During the war of Monarchia, Pippenger realized that his position in the RA was unstable. He secretly founded an underground base called Estevez, and invited Ostrich1414 and Master_Xybot to it. The three began expanding the base, creating a variety of farms and impressive domes. Once the RA collapsed, Pippenger became less active at Estevez and Ostrich founded Struthio. Pippenger began building a grand Structure at the base of a peninsula near the town called the Hall of Vatlos.


When the base grew in population after a long period of stagnation, Pippenger came to believe that nobody respected the work he had put in to the base, chucked some lava on the hall and left. He has been intermittently active ever since.



In late 2019 Pip joined Segoria and has been somewhat active there.