Barrier Town Conflict

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Barrier Town Conflict
Name: Barrier Town Conflict

Status: Unclear Winner
Date: 30th of September, 2020

Members: Attackers: TheOnlySlash, _Goujon_, Zepheron, 2b2tard, Gsmack Defenders: AntHand, Antzakes1, Gem_Productions, GentleGiant69, xexc, ElectricChugg, Wawuwiva
Bases: Barrier Town


The Barrier Town Conflict was a large battle near spawn lasting about an hour, resulting in 2 deaths and multiple totem pops. The total participant list was TheOnlySlash, Zepheron, _Goujon_, Gsmack, and 2b2Tard against AntHand, Antzakes1, Gem_Productions, GentleGiant69, xexc, ElectricChugg, and Wawuwiva. It ended with the latter group successfully defending Barrier Town from a threatened griefing.

Barrier Town View 1.png


While building at spawn, Gem_Productions was attacked by 2 invisible players. Shortly after, he received an anonymous message from Francis_Bot, which informed him that Barrier Town was being griefed. Several people promptly arrived to defend the spawn base, and a brief skirmish occurred between an unknown invisible player and GentleGiant69. About 10 minutes after the fighting stopped, Gem_Productions received another anonymous Francis_bot message. This time, only AntHand showed up to defend Barrier Town.


Almost immediately after arriving, AntHand was attacked by _Goujon_ and TheOnlySlash. AntHand, unprepared, outnumbered and unready for a fight, was not willing to fight back, so the first 10 minutes consisted mostly of swimming in the lake near spawn. Antzakes1 was the first to arrive after AntHand requested help, shooting at _Goujon_ from the sky. Zepheron joined Slash and _Goujon_ shortly after, which was followed by Gem_Productions joining AntHand and Antzakes. At this point, fighting began in earnest, as both sides left the water.

The Battle

As fighting moved to the shore, the battle intensified and totems began to pop. 2b2tard arrived and lit everything flammable on fire, causing chaos and completely destroying the Barriertown Boat, then him and Zepheron backed out of the conflict. The first to die was Gem_Productions, who was crystalled to death by _Goujon_ on the outskirts of the town. Not long after, TheOnlySlash accidentally crystalled himself. It was at this point that the battle properly turned in favor of the defenders. _Goujon_ and Gsmack soon found themselves in a 2v6 as more defenders arrived and were forced to retreat.



After the end of the fighting, there was no clear winner. Both sides sustained equal deaths, and even though the coalition of defenders was ultimately able to regain control of Barrier Town, several builds had been destroyed in the fighting. The battle is simply another etch in the rich history of the spawn base.


Footage of TheOnlySlash crystalling himself, and other moments from the battle:

Notes from SkullerG

Somehow during the mishap of the Barrier Town Conflict, Gsmack and _Goujon_ (members of Barrier Town)) were mistaken to be attackers of the outpost. Due to being attacked by the Defending Team, they fought back for their lives, to which they retreated from a 6v2. The conflict was solved by SkullerG later disclaiming that they were never attacking the town, and just viewing it as coordinates were sent to them by the Creators of the Town.