The Siege

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The Siege
Name: The Siege

Status: Disbanded

Formed: June 16, 2019

Coords: Most activity and bases are within 10k of Spawn
Members: Korijenkins, TheOnlySlash, HedgehogMind, Tenced, The_Arma, AtacFauxpas, Patrickslk, Fluz44, Pythonx, CrackyJoe, SpenPen NinjaDog66 SirTashingdon Egnaroky Darktyui Rainyday203 Sudsonplayz
Bases: Nos Rape Cave, Fellowshit

The Siege is a temporary group of players dedicated to the griefing of spawn over the course of several weeks throughout the summer of 2019. Discord To Siege: (only way to join)


The Siege was started on June 16, 2019 by Korijenkins and TheOnlySlash. The official founding of the group occurred at Castle Snowfrog later that day, with Korijenkins, TheOnlySlash, HedgehogMind, Tenced, The_Arma, and AtacFauxpas as the founding members.

Over the next few days more players began to join The Siege after seeing the results a few hours of work had on spawn.

On June 19th, Doublard was brutally murdered by TheOnlySlash just outside of spawn as he attempted to disrupt the work of the Siege Royal Air Force.


The Siege does not hate new players, nor do the members believe there is a particular problem with server population. The goals of The Siege are to make escaping spawn more difficult, to weed out the weakest players and ensure the quality of the server population remains high. Utilizing lavacasts and TNT bombers, The Siege intends to heavily grief anything within two thousand blocks of spawn.


Currently the main enemy of The Siege is the YMP Crusade.

When the YMP Crusade learned of TheOnlySlash's plan to grief spawn, they made one of their goals to sabotage their effort because it would also make their plan to enslave new players harder. Other enemies include Doublard, Azdin, and DakkaDok. There is a possibility of Talksalot011 being added to the list since he edited the page to add the fact that Korijenkins actually removed a YMP lava cast which angered Korijenkins. Members of The Siege generally believe the YMP Crusade to be a movement created to counter their own, Lord1 denies this, claiming that the YMP Crusade was originally created a week before.

Notable Battles And Conflicts

June 16: Lord1 escapes TheOnlySlash and The_Arma (With elytra) upon seeing that the siege had found out about their plans at Valhalla. Lord1 Flew away when TheOnlySlash turned up while touring The_Arma Around Valhalla who at the time was insiding.

June 19: Doublard Brutally Murdered with and End Crystal losing all of his gear at spawn.

June 20: The YMP Crusaders attempt to make it impossible for The Siege to bomb out spawn under Operation Moist Boiz. According to the Siege this had little effect.

June 23: Patrickland Griefed by SudsonPlayz TheOnlySlash and Korijenkins

June 29: YMP Crusader slave base No.2 was attacked and destroyed by TheOnlySlash after a short pvp battle involving the death of EddyHz and suicide of Lord1.

KOS List

All YMP Crusade Members




Antzakes1 (Inactive)

Roles and Ranks

Leader: TheOnlySlash

Co-Leader: Fluz43 Korijenkins

Advisor: CrackyJoe Tenced SirTashingdon/Master_Xybot The_Arma egnaroky

Bomber Role: Korijenkins (Leader) AtacFauxpas TheOnlySlash Patricksk egnaroky

Arson Role: SirTashingdon (Leader) Fluz43 Patricksk Ninjadog66 Rainyday203 CrackyJoe

Spawn Patrol role: Darktyui (Leader) Pythonx SirTashingdon Tenced

Lavacast Role: TheOnlySlash (Leader) Tenced CrackyJoe Rainyday203 AtacFauxpas

The siege ends

After Korijenkins was made the leader of the Siege by TheOnlySlash, siege activities declined, and upon hearing that Siege plans were being leaked by an insider, kori deleted the siege discord and immediately disbanded the group. Some frustrated members continue the siege's work in a disjointed and disorganised manner, but most had lost interest by this point and were focusing their efforts elsewhere