Pippenger National History Museum

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Pippenger National History Museum
Name: Pippenger National History Museum

Status: Open

Formed: November 11th, 2020

Location: Void City
Members: Korijenkins, Ostrich1414
Clans: North Koria (Clan)

The Pippenger National History Museum is an extensive museum dedicated to server history located at Void City. Owned by Ostrich1414 and managed by Korijenkins, the museum houses various examples of map art, banners, artifacts, and architecture from various bases on the server, with over 19 bases being represented in some capacity. While many of the artifacts on display are replicas, the large scale exhibits of server architecture were all manually moved from the abandoned bases they resided in to the museum for preservation.


The Pippenger National History Museum was a project originally planned for construction at Belgium before the decision was made to move it to Void City. Ostrich had long desired to make a proper extensive museum at a base that covered broad ranges of server history, and due to the frequent destruction of his large city bases, was unable to do so. Korijenkins invited ostrich to Belgium for the purpose of creating a large underground museum, but due to the logistics problems created by the Belgium ocean draining project, plans never advanced out of the ideas phase. When Void City was founded, making a large museum became a much more feasible idea for the two. Originally planned to feature as a modern styled art gallery, Korijenkins made the decision to remodel it into something more grand and historic, and it transformed into an enormous repurposed cathedral reminiscent of Notre-Dame.


The museum is by far the most extensive collection of server history on Sim PvP, dozens of bases, groups, all map art, and all major group banners being represented on various floors. All of the architecture on display are original pieces brought from the bases they were dismantled from the location they originated from and reconstructed block for block in their respective displays. Each of the 5 floors, excusing the first floor due to the presence of the entrances on each side of the building, contain 5 major architectural pieces, 1 large centerpiece, 6 map arts, 8 banners, 2 armor displays, and 14 artifact displays amounting to well over 150 different examples of server history, with plans to expand the museum downwards with basement levels for more displays.

The majority of the artifacts gathered were provided by Korijenkins and ostrich1414, with some contributions coming from other Void City members.

First Floor Artifacts Gallery

First Floor Exhibits Gallery

Bases Represented at the Museum



Castle Snowfrog




Two Words

North Koria (Base)







The Temple

Elon Dusk





Flying Castle